For a period of time, college was a no-brainer for most young people. That was the path you had to walk if you wanted a lucrative and rewarding career.

At least, that’s how the story went. But as tuition costs climbed – and student debt loads grew along with them – and college degrees became more and more common, young people started rethinking the necessity of higher education. Was college (and its exorbitant price tag) really a requirement for everyone?

Recently, U.K.-based career site WikiJob polled its readers to find out their feelings on the matter. Did young talent want to head to college, or would they prefer to start their careers earlier via apprenticeships?

It may surprise you to hear that 62 percent of WikiJob’s readers said they’d choose an apprenticeship over college – even though only 28 percent of those readers felt employers would prefer to recruit apprentices over college graduates.

Check out the full infographic below for more results from the surprising survey:


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