top influences of workplace strategiesWorkplace management solutions provider Asure Software has unveiled its list of top three factors that it predicts will most influence workplace strategies in 2014. These factors include mobilization, globalization, and technology.

“Organizations are constantly striving to more effectively manage their largest expenditures, which typically are labor, real estate and technology,” said Asure CEO Pat Goepel. “Three general areas are driving dramatic changes in the workplace landscape: mobilization, globalization and technology. By focusing on the trends occurring in these areas, business leaders are successfully transforming what are typically their largest expenses into a business advantage.”

With a growing mobile workforce (projected to reach 1.3 billion by 2015), employers are motivated to right-size and optimize space as fewer workers require a permanent home office and the traditional office requirements of office space, landline, and desktop. Sharing space is becoming a more popular tactic to accommodate mobile staff. Most organizations offer or allow telecommuting in order to improve recruitment and retention.

Globalization will force businesses to more effectively collaborate and operate on a global scale with more than 82,000 companies and 800,000 subsidiaries multinational. With 96 percent of the global population residing outside of the U.S., many businesses are looking beyond the United States for new market opportunities.

Technology must now support a mobilized workforce and the consumer technologies they use. Globally, nearly one billion tablets will be in use by 2017 and the cloud, which facilitates mobility and anytime/anywhere access, will remove barriers to employee productivity and relaxes the need for a physical workspace.


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