bookWith the economy still lagging and some leaders struggling with frustration, Ed Oakley from Enlightened Leadership Solutions is giving away copies of his latest book titled “Be A Trusted Leader: Accelerate Your Influence Now!” to help business owners and managers increase productivity and enhance their influence.

The book gives valuable tips and resources at how one can become an effective leader in today’s business world. It covers how to turn challenging projects into opportunities, how to get individuals and teams aligned for optimal performance, how to get staff to accept change and commit wholeheartedly, how to effectively handle conflict resolution, and how to create teamwork through cooperation and collaboration.

According to Oakley, “In these critical economic times, we want to make a bigger difference with “Be A Trusted Leader”. We are giving this one away, one book at a time. We know this will help transform people and organizations. Book recipients will also be offered access to a complimentary 25-minute video for use in training their people on key tools and perspectives of the book.”

The book is available in Kindle or softcover formats. Mr. Oakley has written several other leadership books, including “Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change” and has assisted managers from over 67 countries. Enlightened Leadership Solutions (ELS) is leading the way in business leadership training and development. To learn more about Oakley’s free book, visit

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