January 15, 2014

How to Grow Your Staffing Firm in 2014 [Infographic]

How To Grow Staffing Firm-sectionSpark Hire, the online video resume and interviewing platform, wants to help firms be successful in 2014. That’s why the company has created a new infographic, “How to Grow Your Staffing Firm in 2014,” to help equip firms to do just that.

The infographic offers six essential steps necessary for firms looking to expand. They include:

1. Invest in human capital

The infographic explains that to find the best talent for clients in 2014, firms will need to invest in their own talent. And this includes understanding the qualifications of a staffing superstar. These include merits like a human resources and/or liberal arts college degree and communication and technology skills, to name a few.

2. Hire and retain generational talent

Millennials and Boomers are moving the workforce forward, the infographic says. There will be more than 80 million Millennial workers and 40 million Boomer workers in 2014. Understand what appeals to these generations when hiring and retaining staff. For example, Millennials desire bus passes, paid overtime and pet healthcare plans while Boomers would like a company car, private medical insurance and defined benefit retirement plans.

3. Embrace new technologies

Adopt futuristic strategies to attract talent, like video interviewing, social media recruiting, and increased IT budgets and mobile.

4. Provide specialized labor

According to the infographic, finding the right people in 2014 will be ultra competitive. Sixty-seven percent of Fortune 1000 companies have more STEM job openings than non-STEM jobs. A whopping 89 percent of recruiters say competition is fierce to fill open STEM jobs with 4-year STEM degree holders.

5. Live up to client expectations

As the demand for talent increases, the infographic says that client expectations will be sky high in 2014. Around one-third of staffing firms said their greatest challenges in 2013 were lack of skilled candidates and 26.5 percent of firms said they were clients’ unrealistic expectations.

6. Understand the Affordable Care Act

Some firms plan to make lower-wage workers 100 percent contingent rather than provide benefits. And 78 percent of businesses said the Affordable Care Act will not have an impact on hiring plans.

How To Grow Staffing Firm

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