May 8, 2015

How to Use e-Learning to Boost Productivity

TypingAs the pace of change picks up for corporations worldwide, it becomes more and more important for employers to ensure that their employees are poised and ready to meet new challenges. A key way to do just that is by leveraging e-learning.

On the Upside Learning blog, senior marketing communications manager Pranjalee Thanekar reports on the latest trends in bringing learners together through social, informal, and creative methods. She suggests that e-learning will transform learning into a lifestyle in itself, something that is fluid and dynamic, always changing and available everywhere.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Ivec, writing for, says there are a number of advantages to using e-learning to cope with training challenges and maintain productivity. Surveys show that 99 percent of mobile learners believe that training delivered through mobile formats and presentations enhances their learning.

Another study mentioned by Ivec found that expectations of what mobile can contribute to learning are at an all-time high. Eight of ten learning and development professionals believe that mobile learning can increase employee engagement.

Why e-Learning Is Important for Employees

Why is this the case? With e-learning, training can be done anytime, anywhere, meaning that employees can use their work time as efficiently as possible and get the most bang for their buck, so to speak. With e-learning, less time can be spent on finding information, trying to meet as a collective group, and trying to share knowledge; instead, more time can be spent on the task at hand — that is, actually learning — which increases not only engagement, but also productivity.

StacksStudents tend to be more motivated by lessons that include iPads and other technological learning channels, compared to lessons that do not. That’s because, in the busy professional’s lifestyle, flexibility is crucial. Using e-learning, employees can work at their own pace and in the locations of their choosing: two vital contributors to their comfort in learning. If employees can choose how and when to dedicate their time to their work, they are much more likely to be more focused and stay on the task, thereby improving their productivity.

E-learning platforms can also give employees ready access to databases of course material to which they can refer whenever necessary. When employees have easy access to tips and tools that are complimentary to their workplace duties, their jobs become easier, and they are able to be more productive as a result.

For example, an employee can use an e-learning course database to quickly find the answer to any questions that may arise by simply reaching into their pockets and conducting quick searches via their mobile devices. This saves time and is minimally disruptive to employee workflows.

Why e-Learning Is Important for Employers

Through e-learning platforms, training can be delivered consistently, with each learner receiving exactly the same course and the same information. This greatly lessens the chance of errors and omissions, which can happen when various people run the same training courses.

RoadE-learning is easy to deliver and advantageous to the corporate budget. Employees don’t have to be physically moved from one location to another. Whether an employee is in the head office or in a small corporate outpost — or even at home — they have the same opportunity to learn and grow as the rest of the company. Less time is wasted doing mundane tasks like scheduling and structuring training opportunities, and more employee effort goes into workplace tasks and goals.

Many companies also find that e-learning can be used as a motivational tool to build teams and increase enthusiasm. Companies can add gamification strategies to their courses or set up specific social media sites that allow workers to share and build alliances as they learn. This allows employees to bounce ideas off one another, share knowledge, and learn socially.

Share your thoughts with us regarding the advantages of using e-learning for corporate productivity, as well as your own personal experiences with e-learning!

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