June 21, 2012

HR Magazine

reading magazineThe field of Human Resources changes on a regular basis.  It can change faster than we can keep up, so it is easy to lose track if we aren’t paying attention.  Many HR professionals reach out to publications that are circulated by accredited organizations and that provide a great deal of legislative changes, best practices and recruitment strategies for all industries and markets.

If you’re still fond of your print magazines, you will be happy to know that they haven’t gone the way of the cassette tape player just yet.  A number of companies still provide their publications in print, simply because many people still prefer to have a tangible, black and white copy of important information, especially when it pertains to something as important as Human Resources Management.

HR Magazine by SHRM

The Society for Human Resource Management prints a publication every month with a lot of helpful information concerning Human Resources in all types of workplaces.  Touted as the most popular HR magazine subscription in the world, the subscription costs are reasonable and the content is presented in a clear, concise way and touches on the issues that are most important to today’s busy HR professionals.

If you’re living within the United States, you can purchase an annual subscription for $70, two years for $100 or three for $140.   Subscriptions can be in print form or if you prefer, electronic form as well.

What truly sets the HR Magazine apart from the rest is the fact that it notifies its readers of any changes to recent legislation that may affect the workplace.  It is also good to know that every issue is dissected by SHRM’s legal team to ensure consistency and compliance.

HR Pulse by Ashhra

Specifically for HR professionals and administrators within the healthcare community, Ashhra offers a quarterly publication for $19.99 per year or you can sign up for $34.99, which gives you two years.  Much like SHRM’s HR Magazine, HR pulse provides both a print and electronic version packed full with helpful information like best practices in healthcare HR as well as case studies.

Whether you work in healthcare or a related field like physiotherapy, dentistry or sports medicine, you will benefit from the information contained with the HR Pulse.

Human Resources Executive Magazine

Designed for upper level and C-class management in Human Resources, this publication offers a multi-faceted perspective on the challenges that today’s HR decision makers face.  Having celebrated its 25th year in circulation in May of 2012, the magazine is printed monthly and covers a multitude of important subjects like benefits administration, relocation and recruitment and HR consulting.

HRO Today

This magazine offers readers an abundance of experience in HR, with the data to back it up.  Giving insight on streamlining the workflow of HR professionals and increasing productivity are just a few of the many pieces of advice provided by HR professionals nationwide in this print publication.

There you have it!  A few great options for those who are looking for a physical magazine that specializes in Human Resources.

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