inovaInova Payroll’s new Business Alliance Program offers the opportunity for local banks, CPAs, and benefit consultants to participate in a client-sharing program where partners can earn a 10 percent recurring revenue on each referred client at every payroll. Partners may also choose to use Inova Payroll as a payroll service provider in lieu of revenue share. For organizations wishing to leave the payroll outsourcing market, Inova Payroll is also willing to purchase their books of business and fully perform all HR and payroll duties. The program offers partners the ability to administer both payroll and tax-filing solutions for their customers.

“This ‘Win-Win’ business alliance provides many benefits including: alleviating the tedious burden of calculating payroll and taxes for the Partners’ clients, as well as enhancing client loyalty and higher retention,” said Melanie Crow, VP of Sales, Inova Payroll. “Outsourcing payroll is a smart choice for many small to medium size businesses, and we are pleased to work with our local business Partners to provide this valuable service for their clients.”

The program is free to join and partners can begin referring clients immediately. Interested organizations may contact Inova Payroll for more information or to sign up for the Alliance program. Information regarding the partnership program, ancillary products, and Inova Payroll’s complete suite of payroll and HR solutions is available at

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