October 18, 2012

Insperity, Inc. Launches Robust Payroll SaaS

Insperity logoHouston-based Insperity, Inc. announced the release of its new SaaS payroll solution, Insperity Payroll Services. Insperity Payroll Services is fully integrable with existing payroll systems and provides three new solutions including Insperity NetSaver, HR Essentials, and a pay-as-you go workers compensation program. NetSaver is a web-based 401(k) solution aimed at small businesses and HR Essentials is an integrated HR platform that tracks employee data, custom milestones, and company property.

“Insperity Payroll Services reflects our deep and long-standing commitment to helping businesses run better, grow faster and make more money,” said Paul J. Sarvadi, Insperity chairman and chief executive officer. “This unique product and service offering is the first of its kind in the payroll industry, and features the power of a comprehensive payroll software solution combined with the full support of the market’s leading business performance services provider. It is the best of both worlds, and illustrates Insperity’s ever-evolving drive to offer our customers premium products and services that help their businesses succeed.”

In addition to provider a software solution for payroll services, Insperity Payroll Services also offers the support of a dedicated payroll consultant that assists users with software setup, implementation, and regular troubleshooting and system optimization. The platform includes tax reconciliation and balancing functionality, a self-service portal for access to earnings and tax information, such as W-2s and 1099s, customizable reports, direct deposit, CPA access to records, and a general ledger export function, among a longer list of program features.

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