Working-Women infographic section“We must not ignore the real obstacles women face women face in the professional world…but women can dismantle the internal barriers holding us back today.”

This quote comes from “Lean In,” MBA Harvard graduate Sheryl Sandberg’s latest book on women, work and overcoming obstacles to career advancement. And in lieu of Sandberg’s highly-publicized concept of women taking the reins (and control) of their roles in business, has created an infographic, “Intelligent Working Women Leaning Back?”

The infographic asks a few important questions as it examines this concept of working women leaning back:

1. Does family get in the way?

  • 54 percent of women reported working 9+ hours a day
  • 53 percent said balancing work and family is difficult
  • Just 32 percent of mothers with non-adult children want to work full-time

2. Are more highly educated women choosing family over work?

  • 60 percent of female graduates from elite schools are now working full-time
  • Married MBA mothers who earned a bachelor’s degree from a top-tier institution were 30 percent less likely to hold a full-time job

3. What are the solutions?

  • Individuals can change their mindset about women’s roles in society, which will help women feel comfortable equally prioritizing work and family
  • Companies can create workplaces that allow women to participate as fully as possible, while still leaving time for family relationships

Working-Women infographic

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