NewsProfiles International has released a new blog by chief marketing officer, Dario Priolo, entitled, “Employee Assessment Solutions Blog.” The global assessment organization has designed the blog to offer daily leadership and management advice on numerous topics regarding the workplace.

Every day a new blog post is offered that gives insight into a variety of topics, such as corporate culture, improving employee productivity, talent management, how to be a better manager, and more. Case studies are also available, in which companies post various issues they’ve encountered in the workplace, how they handled them, and what the outcome was. Readers can also watch video clips, read research reports, industry experts’ interviews, whitepapers, and several free chapters in their new book, “Leadership Charisma.”

Guest writers and their insights and advice are included on the blog, with popular authors like Mark Hunter and Alissa Finerman sharing topics like “Living in your top 1%” and “Four steps to more effectively managing a sales force.” Additionally, research results are shown, such as the latest Talent Shortage Survey, which gave insight into the 10 toughest US jobs to fill. Following an outline of the survey results, a free whitepaper entitled, “Five Lessons on Upgrading Talent with Outside Superstars,” was made available to readers.

With a mission to create value for clients, Profiles International offers assessment solutions for companies so that they can find qualified people and enable them to grow to full potential.

For more information and to subscribe to the blog, visit

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