social sales and analyticsLiveHive, Inc., has launched a new sales engagement platform that provides real-time analytics plus lead generation and selling on LinkedIn, Google+, and other social networks. LiveHive identifies the sales engagement patterns of partners and customers (both current and prospective) on social networks that allow sales leaders to access accurate, real-time visibility into sales activity to better manage partner and sales rep performance. The cross-platform solution provides insights such as:

• The efficacy of sales of marketing materials in advancing sales.

• Who is engaged, how often are they engaged, and from where are they engaged, including social networks.

• When and where partners and sales reps are engaging geographically.

LiveHive is a single portal for updating, accessing, sharing, and analyzing business materials for partners and sales reps through discussion streams, content libraries, and granular permission controls.

“About 50% percent of a salesperson’s time is spent on non-selling activities, while well over half of sales leaders aren’t confident in the visibility they have into their own sales process,” says Ramon Nunez, CEO of LiveHive. “By streamlining and tracking sales activity, we are able to illuminate these blind spots and show vendors what they can do to drive higher partner and sales rep performance.”

New features available in LiveHive include:

• Engagement analytics that offer insights into who viewed what from where and when, most popular content, and most active members.

• Automatic daily digest highlighting top activity.

• Libraries that allow publishing of new content across entire ecosystems.

• Assigning roles to partners, sales team, and customers with control over LiveHive activities.

• Direct share with LinkedIn and Google+ audiences and access tracking.

• Cobranding options.

LiveHive is available for a 30-day free trial and offers three levels of paid plans ranging from $35 per month to $195 per month, depending in number of work spaces.


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