all inclusive recruiting systemSands Technologies presents a disruptive recruitment and candidate sourcing tool into the market. M-Recruit enables businesses, colleges, and professionals to create, post, and screen candidates for recruiting in minutes. Unemployed candidates can sift through the tests or applications available in the M-Recruit Lab to find job openings. Candidates find out instantly how they compare to all other applicants and receive a personal rank to keep or post on social media. A mentoring feature is included, to improve their rank, from business ambassadors and learning institution mentors.

Businesses can post the auto-generated job and assessment tests or application button on emails, websites, or job boards. The results are ranked in real time and employers receive a score and a ranking of the top candidates. M-Recruit helps reduce pre-screening costs compared to traditional methods and provides greater accuracy.

Businesses can upload or form their tests and applications by creating a free profile. Job seekers can sign up to receive information for the M-Recruit Lab by setting up their candidate profile. Businesses that open accounts will have the option to display any of their tests in the M-Recruit Lab for public access. Companies can connect an ambassador or mentor to help applicants who want to engage with rank improvement.

“My co-founders and I are looking forward to empowering both the employer and the candidate when it comes to recruiting. We want to help both parties make quicker and more targeted employment decisions,” said Diane Eschenbach.

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