social recruitment monitorThe growing ubiquity of social recruiting is creating a demand for effective use of social networks as recruitment tools. And companies not utilizing social media experience more difficulty filling open positions than those with effective social recruiting strategies. The problem of measuring the effectiveness of a social recruitment campaign is based on inconsistent benchmarking and the sheer number of ways of determining how well a campaign is working.

The Social Recruitment Monitor (SRM) from MAXIMUMS ranks social media recruitment for every employer added to its site and tracks data from major social networks, with weekly measurement refreshes. The Social Recruitment Monitor goes beyond measuring fan base sizes and the number of “likes” and comments. SRM evaluates activity, posts, reposts, fan interaction, growth of fans, engagement ratio, and other variables based on a SRM index percentage. Objective SRM reports measure a company’s effectiveness in social recruitment and offers weekly updates for consistent up-to-date figures.

According to the 2012 Recruiting Survey from Jobvite, 73 percent of recruiters use social media and networks to successfully hire candidates, a 15 percent increase between 2010 and 2012. The survey underscores the need for an online social presence in order to increase chances of filling job openings. But, according to MAXIMUMS, simply having social media is not enough to fill vacant positions; organizations need deep analysis of social media Big Data for comprehensive social recruiting improvement.


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