September 25, 2013

Need help Managing Payroll and Benefits? Try Bswift

Hand write with green marker We can help youAre you an HR professional who has been desperately searching for a better way to manage your payroll and benefit function? Bswift is an American-based professional company that has more than 25 years of experience in the business, providing companies around the world with the solutions that they need to improve productivity at the workplace.

While there is a huge offering of products available through Bswift, the purpose of their services is to help facilitate the HR process from start to finish.  Benefits administration and payroll that is handled in-house can actually be exponentially more expensive than outsourcing the work to an organization like Bswift.

In light of recent changes to the healthcare system, benefits administrators and insurance companies alike are well aware of the increased workload that will take place because of the new laws.

Resources will need to be increased, regulations will need to be followed more stringently and more staff will need to be hired. What this means for you as an employer is that you will be expected to accommodate an increase in workload without an increase in revenues.

Your solution is to utilize a suite of services, much like the ones that are offered by Bswift, in order to lighten the load now so that you can accommodate the new workload if and when it becomes a permanent part of our social system.

Do you know how much money is lost every single year because dependents who are added to insurance plans are not verified? When this verification does not occur, the losses for the insurance company (as well as the premiums paid by the employer) can add up quickly.

You could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars per year lost as a result and what’s worse, the insurance company can levy fines against your organization for not following the proper procedures.

What is the best way to avoid a situation like this one?  Simple. Bswift has a solution for dependent eligibility verification as well as an army of benefits administration tools and an entire system devoted to maintaining your organization’s benefits information.

The company seems to adopt a very hands-on, interactive approach with its clients, going so far as to invite their customers to their annual Bswift summit, the purpose of which is simply to have fun.

It is rare in this day and age that a company not based in social media (like Google, Facebook or Twitter) would move toward this type of a business model, but it is incredibly effective.

For the most part, people want to feel as if they are a part of something and not just making another purchase. The warm relationships that Bswift develops with their clients helps to achieve exactly that.

If you are in the market for a comprehensive, all encompassing HR solution that is not only cost-friendly but comes from a company with the experience and expertise to get the job done right, then you want Bswift. They definitely get the nod of approval from us.

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