can we networkCanWe Studios LLC has announced the launch of its new business networking app CanWeNetwork, a mobile business networking tool offering professional recommendations for potential business opportunities. CanWeNetwork analyzes LinkedIn profiles to match people using information such as location, skill-set, experience, shared interests, and personality traits; the purpose of the app being to encourage users to develop connections that can lead to valuable business opportunities.

“Social networks have made us more connected than ever but have had the negative result of limiting real life experiences,” said James Sinclair, vice president, CanWe Studios. “We can take a users’ LinkedIn profile and identify, with a high degree of accuracy, people around them they should meet because they are likely to succeed together. The app uses the power of big data and mobile technology to see and capture actionable opportunities that without CanWeNetwork would simply pass you by unknown. We believe that conversations create opportunity and that’s what CanWeNetwork does, it creates conversations.”

CanWeNetwork uses statistical analysis on LinkedIn data to predict professional matches most likely to succeed. The app runs in the background and notifies mobile users of recommendations via an alert system or through a review list of recommendations. Privacy controls gives users the ability to control how and when they are contacted.

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