Computer keyboard with special keys for social mediaThe New Jersey State Senate just passed a bill banning employers from asking for their employees’ social media passwords. The bill will fine companies $1,000 for requesting or demanding access to workers’ (or potential employees’) social media profiles. These include sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Job candidates will also have the option to sue for money lost if they fail to get hired due to a potential employer looking at their social media accounts. Current workers can also sue if they lost their jobs or promotions because of their employer’s snooping. Second offenses can result in a $2,500 fine for companies. Only law enforcement agencies will be exempt.

New Jersey’s Senate also passed the A2879 bill intending to ban colleges and universities from requiring prospective and current students to give up their usernames and passwords. Students can sue although this bill doesn’t result in a fine against the colleges within violation.

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