March 26, 2012

Online Resume Site Offers Visual Job Matching

Using data out of social media profiles, ResumUP’s new online recruiting tools allows job seekers to instantly construct infographic online resumes including a display of an applicant’s work experience, education, personality, and other attributes. Recruiters can equally easily create visual job vacancies while filtering resumes through the use of multiple filter technologies that automatically select the most appropriate profiles for each position. Additionally, the tool allows applicants to match their qualifications to a position’s necessary criteria before applying, leading to fewer mismatched candidates.

In addressing the need for a modern approach to recruiting, Eugene Barulin, founder of ResumUP said, “In recruiting, we’re still in 1950s. Sure, we use online job boards, text editing software and e-mail instead of newspapers, typewriters and envelopes. But the core document – the resume – remains the same. By matching visual resumes with visual vacancies, we aim to set new standards in online and social recruiting.”

While the website at remains in its beta stage, several leading firms, such as Facebook, Adidas, and Yandex have adopted the pioneering technology on an experimental basis.  Karen Grigorian, HR Director at Kraft Foods said about the technology, ““We are striving to be innovative beyond just food production. This hi-tech vacancy visualizing tool could be a great opportunity to attract top talents.”

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