checkFor people that like a fast-paced career, recruiting can be a good career path because you are constantly on the move, learning from companies about the positions they need to fill, searching out the perfect candidates for the position and seeing your candidates through the hiring process. Recruiting can also be incredibly rewarding, as your candidate’s success becomes your success.

When someone talks about a “recruiter,” they can be talking about all different sorts of professions. They might be talking about an HR professional that recruits for internal corporate positions. This is often referred to as a “corporate recruiter” or a “talent acquisition manager.”

However, usually people use the term recruiter to refer to external recruitment agency professionals. These are people that focus on filling positions for their clients. It’s a highly sales-oriented field with a lot of room for performance based compensation and advancement. To understand more about the recruiting industry, here are some of the different types of recruiter jobs:

Contingency Recruiters

These types of recruiters are often called headhunters because they are free agents that don’t work for one company exclusively. A contingency recruiter is hired by a company to find qualified candidates for a specific position. The recruiter will have a contract with the company that promises a fee if and when one of their candidates is hired by the company, but no expenses are paid. The recruiter must find candidates for the job and try their best to get them hired in order to make money.

Retained Recruiters

Just like a lawyer, some recruiters are retained by a company to fill a specific position, and all expenses related to the recruiting are paid by the company until the position is filled. Sometimes a fee is paid when the position is filled or if it isn’t filled by a certain time, and this payment ends the contract between the recruiter and the company.

Generalist Recruiters

A generalist recruiter helps companies in a wide variety of industries to fill positions instead of focusing on one industry. This is one of the best good recruiter jobs for individuals who have a broad knowledge or network in several different industries. Many generalist recruiting companies have many different employees with specializations.

Specialist Recruiters

In contrast with generalists, specialist recruiters have in-depth knowledge of a certain industry or type of position, and they use this knowledge to find the most qualified candidates. Many people who have worked in a certain industry for years and retain their business network can take specialist recruiter jobs because they know what it takes to be hired in the industry and have a specific talent pool.

Staffing Agency Recruiters

Sometimes called temporary agency recruiters, individuals who have recruiter jobs in a staffing agency fill temporary or contract positions for companies. Staffing agency recruiters often work with the same companies, so building business relationships with both the clients and the talent pool can be very important in these recruiter jobs.

Jobs for recruiters are varied and numerous – recruiting is a growing field with a very diverse set of available positions. Recruitment, like many other professions, is becoming increasingly specialized and segmented. Some people’s entire job is to write amazing job ads or source resumes for a particular type of technical skill. Others only interview candidates or only administer testing. Recruiting has certainly not become as rote or segmented as assembly lines, but the profession is increasingly organized and its professions segmented.

The current complexity and rapid evolution of the recruiting profession should not deter newcomers. Individual recruiter jobs are changing, but the recruitment industry itself is more vibrant than ever. When you select the field or area in recruiting to pursue, consider which field is closest to your true interests and motivations. Recruiting requires incredible dedication – and with the evolution of recruiting toward higher-level and increasingly specialized roles – the bar is being set higher every day.

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