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Why Be A Contract Recruiter

Contract recruiters are talent acquisition and recruiting consultants who work on a contract, time basis instead of a traditional “headhunter” type fee structure from staffing agencies. Contract recruiting may be considered a form of recruitment process outsourcing or RPO. A contract recruiter will typically work on assignments on an ongoing basis, or until such time that the hiring needs are satisfied.

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Structure of Contract Recruiting Solutions

Contract recruiter solutions use a simple hourly, weekly, or monthly wage or fixed bid project for a set amount of time to help with hiring demand during an uptick in hiring. This type of recruiter can be seen as a recruiting consultant who works with a company on a short-term basis to get their hiring needs met and improve their overall talent acquisition.

When all job openings have been filled and the company is satisfied with its new employees, then the contract is typically over and the recruiter can move on to the next job or contract position. Some contract recruiters keep their contacts, talent pool, and qualified candidates with them as they move between contract jobs, acting as the “hired guns” of the recruiting world. Other recruiters serve more as regular extensions of the talent acquisition and human resources departments.

Benefits of Hiring Contract Recruiters

  • Flexible contract basis. Our on-demand recruiters work on a simple contract basis, without long-term requirements.
  • No search or staffing agencies fees. Our contract recruiters have no placement fees or “success fees” of any type.
  • Save time for hiring managers. Are your departmental managers spending half their time hiring? Contract recruiters relieve this burden.
  • Augment team during high demand. Hiring is cyclical by nature, so hiring full-time in talent acquisition can be difficult. Flex up your hiring in times of high demand.
  • Help your recruiting manager. If you have one or a small team of full-time talent acquisition managers, contract recruiters are a great way to ramp up on a flexible basis.
  • Reduce contract staffing solutions. Demand for temp labor often comes with a fast turnaround. Having a contract recruiter on your team can reduce spending on external staffing agencies.

Consultative Recruitment Services

A contract recruiter professional will many times act as a strategic talent acquisition consultant, as well as provide the more task-oriented services of sourcing candidates and filling open job requirements. Contract recruiters have the opportunity to experience many different recruitment processes, strategies, and talent acquisition projects. They typically have a wealth of recruiting experience gleaned outside the confines of one particular corporate recruiting department. Corporations that use contract recruiters to “hire up” for a large initiative should also tap into this outside experience and look for best practices not yet implemented in their business.

Reasons to Be a Contract Recruiter

An Exciting Work Environment

Contract recruiting can be a very fast-paced and exciting business, always offering something new for recruiters, so it can be an attractive option for professionals who like variety and flexibility in their work environment and contracts. A contract recruiter can typically set their own hours and are only accountable to their clients. Contract recruiters also have the flexibility to work with companies in many different industries until their most preferred and successful niche. Working on a contract basis can be a little scary if you’re not used to being your own boss, but the benefits may outweigh the risks. Additionally, contract recruiting lends itself very well to a fully remote environment, which can be seen by the uptick in fully virtual contract recruiter assignments.

Improved Recruiting Career Trajectory

As a contract recruiter, you are considered an objective party in the recruitment and hiring process. Clients will trust that you will give them unbiased opinions on their recruitment tactics, job offers, and hiring practices. Because you are a talent acquisition professional dedicated to recruiting quality candidates, clients will respect your opinions on the job market and their reputation as an employer. Candidates may also put more trust in you, as opposed to recruiters that work on a commissioned basis. Having multiple clients and experiencing different TA environments and technical systems, such as applicant tracking systems, also increase and diversify your professional experience.

Increased Recruiting Efficiency

Through their focus, contract recruiters may recruit more effectively than salaried human resources people because they focus entirely on sourcing and talent acquisition. Additionally, working for multiple companies allows them to build highly developed candidate talent pipelines. Because you have to show results in a timely manner in order to get paid, employers trust that you will work efficiently to get the position filled. Contract recruiters are outside of the corporate machine and can work without dealing with internal bureaucracy to get results faster.

Contract Recruiter Compensation

The pay for a contract recruiter is generally very straightforward: pay by the hour, week, or month. Pay ranges for a contract recruiter vary widely by skill, niche, and experience, with compensation from $20/hour for a junior level or more administrative role, to $100/hour and more for strategic talent acquisition consulting and recruiting project management. Some contracts also tie additional compensation to the successful completion of a particular recruiting and hiring project, or include bonuses for hiring performance. Working on a contract basis has its benefits – unless the contract recruiter is working full-time, they can sometimes recruit for multiple clients, building a lucrative income stream and book of business.

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