You may not realize it, but work and sleep go hand in hand.

Sure, we all know sufficient sleep is necessary for you to function in life and at work — but what you may not know is sleeping at work can be a great way to boost your productivity and your overall well-being.

Of course, we’re not talking about taking a full eight hours at your desk. Rather, we’re talking about a nice 20-minute power nap, the sweet spot when it comes to getting some shut-eye in the workplace.

Not sold on the merits of a quick snooze on the job? Consider this:

  1. Napping for up to 26 minutes can actually improve your alertness by 54 percent and your productivity and performance by 34 percent.
  2. Getting a brief rest during the day can also make you more positive, and a good mood is good for work performance.
  3. Napping can also decrease stress, which has long-term benefits for your health. Plus, with stress out of the way, you can better focus on your job.
  4. A 20-minute nap can work wonders for your attention span, so if you often find yourself zoning out after lunch, a quick rest may do just the trick.

For more information on the science-backed benefits of power napping at work, check out this new infographic from apparel company Tommy John:


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