logoFormer CTO and Co-Founder of Recmnd, Inc., Navid Nobakht, has unveiled the launch of a free, crowdsourced search engine that lets user find business tools, apps, and companies for any need. The site, Recmnd.Us, is powered by the same platform powering Recmnd’s first online recommendations website Recmnd.Me, which helps recruiters find job candidates among college students and working professionals.

“With the launch of our second website, Recmnd.Us, we now offer another powerful social tool – this time for users to find and recommend their favorite businesses,” said Jesse Gant, co-founder and CEO of Recmnd, Inc. “Recmnd.Us is more useful than a typical search engine. Search engines often focus their results on the highest bidder or SEO techniques used by savvy engineers and marketers. Instead, Recmnd.Us will rank companies based on the quality of their service, as determined by user recommendations.

“It’s like Digg meets Yelp, but for service providers, not restaurants. To add to the experience, we allow users to post videos, screenshots, presentations and reviews. We want to save people time by being the first step in the decision-making process for service providers – just as consumers visit Amazon to read their product reviews before making a purchase.”

“Yelp is more for restaurants and Angie’s List is best known for service professionals like plumbers,” Nobakht said. “Google gets used as a research tool, but when you search Google for “user testing” for example – you get the definition of user testing, blog articles on good user testing techniques and finally, sprinkled among the results, a list of some service providers based on how well they SEO or how much they pay, not necessarily on how good their service is or how often people recommend them.”

Nobakht continued, “Recmnd.Us cuts to the chase to give users all the data points they need to make a quick, informed decision based on the number one way people get introduced to new brands, namely recommendations.”

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