January 24, 2013

Social Resumes Increase in Recruiting and Job Seeking [infographic]

socialWe all know that social media use has been on the rise in the recruiting industry, but did you know that 1 in 6 job seekers credit social media for helping land their current job? That’s the latest statistic according the How Job Seekers and Employers are Connecting Online by OnlineColleges.com.

And just how did social media help? Through using social resumes, of course. The infographic defines a social resume as your online presence, something that should represent you to the professional world as a well-qualified job candidate.

Some things social resumes should do include:

  • Give potential employers and clients a polished presentation of your skills and experience
  • Help you network with others in your field
  • Manage an easy-to-update portfolio of your work
  • Offer analytics and info on who’s viewed your resume

In 2012, 88 percent of job seekers created at least one social networking profile while 92 percent of employers used social media to recruit. Among employers, LinkedIn was the most popular site for recruiting last year while Facebook took the top spot among job seekers for finding employment.

Creating a Social Resume, Building an Online Presence

The infographic offers information on how job seekers can create a social resume on sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Razume.com, and ResumeSocial.com. It also provides examples of creative resumes, such as one job seeker who made her resume into an infographic.

With your social resume comes your online presence and the infographic lists the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to building your social presence.

Recruiters DO like:

  • Membership(s) in professional organizations (80 percent)
  • Volunteer activities (66 percent)

Recruiters DON’T like:

  • Profanity (61 percent)
  • Poor grammar/spelling mistakes (54 percent)
  • Mentioning alcohol consumption (47 percent)
  • Religious posts (26 percent)

Also, the infographic advises to show the influence your social presence has. This includes klout scores, LinkedIn endorsements and connections, your Twitalyzer rank and/or blog engagement or Technorati rank.

social resume

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