newsEvery job seeker has his or her own strategy for finding the perfect job.  Some might peruse job boards daily, but others choose to have the jobs sent to them.  It’s in the interest of the recruiter to anticipate job seekers’ use of these different approaches. Posting jobs to social media sites and more social job distribution and commenting systems have received particular attention as of late. Recruitment software companies continue to develop new social posting recruiting technology.

Broadbean Technology announces in its press release the launch of SocialSmashed to provide the way to streamline the tedious task of social job posting.

This technology streams job postings to the most popular social media channels.  With this integration, jobs will be effortlessly dropped into a Facebook jobs tab.  Social job posting also occurs in a customized Twitter stream, as well as on the company’s Group page.  Responding applicants are directed back to the ATS (applicant tracking system) or CRM (customer relationship management system) of choice.  Known for their job posting analytics and job distribution technology, Broadbean Technology provides customized social job posting metrics. The progression makes complete sense and proves the logic and smarts behind the Broadbean machine.

“When we came to the US, we understood that the rules of online recruitment were changing.  Back in 2001, Broadbean Technology launched operations during a time when job boards were rapidly becoming the go-to source for jobseekers.”  Kelly Robinson, Broadbean Founder and Chief Exec continues, “With a desire to provide the necessary and current tools our clients need, we explored social recruiting and how our technology could help.  We are constantly in a state of innovation at Broadbean and SocialSmashed is an obvious and natural addition to our line of products and services.”

This new recruitment technology is available to recruiters through Broadbean Technology.

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