LightAccording to studies by both Deloitte and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, millennials currently make up 36 percent of the workforce and will account for 46 percent by 2020 and 75 percent by 2025. The members of this millennial workforce have their own thoughts and ideas about what they want in a career.

Gone are the days of the traditional workplace, where employees started at the entry level and worked their way up through the countless rungs of the company ladder through years of hard work and determination — along with some luck. Tenure was an integral part of your success, parallel to your overall production.

Today, things are much different. Manufacturing has long been waning in the U.S., whereas jobs within the service and technology sectors have blossomed. The mindset of the employee has changed along with the economic landscape.

Millennials frequently boast entrepreneurial spirits and prefer to see success much more quickly than previous generations. They want be part of environments where they’re allowed to combine their hard work and success in school with best-in-class training. They want to be productive after a shorter period of time than their Gen. X and baby boomer predecessors.

Enter the staffing industry, where millennials can achieve speedy, entrepreneurial success within a well-established, corporate environment.

Although they may have just met, millennials and staffing have quickly found themselves heading down the road toward a perfect marriage.

The courting process begins with an interview, a company history lesson, the promise of development, and the understanding that, in staffing, there is no corporate ladder. Once interest has been raised and staffing’s entrepreneurial structure has been explained, the engagement ring is offered and accepted. Time to move on to the serious part of the relationship: training and development.

NewThe most successful staffing firms understand that investing in people means investing in the company’s future. Not only must you hire the right people, but you must also have training programs that give every new employee what they need to succeed.

Eliassen Group itself has invested heavily in technology and training resources to ensure those who are determined to succeed quickly develop along accelerated career trajectories. We hire only those coming in the door with tireless work ethics and relentless determination. When we find someone with these traits, our regimen of personalized group training and the technological tools we provide them ensure their success. This “Resource Specialist Program” has been tremendously successful for the company.

The millennial determines their own success through a combination of how hard they work, how savvy they are when it comes to navigating the seas of company training, how well they leverage hands-on recruiting technology (LinkedIn, Indeed, advanced social searches, etc.), and how much they understand about what makes people tick.

So much goes into finding the right person with the right skill set for a position. To support the employee’s success, staffing organizations must offer consistent training that involves the use recruiting technology, the assessment of candidate skill sets and psychology, and the negotiations the often attend the recruiting process.

Staffing rewards each and every start, so if a millennial is putting as many people to work as someone tenured in the industry or company, they are rewarded equally in praise and in dollars. In staffing, you do not have to wait to be successful — you can do so right away. Goodbye corporate ladder, hello immediate success!

It all starts with that initial conversation. The millennial learns that, in the staffing world, they can in become an entrepreneur in a corporate environment, reap immediate financial rewards, experience rapid career growth, be showered in company recognition, and take the much anticipated walk down the aisle toward the alter of career success.

This article originally appeared on the Eliassen Group blog.

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