Humanic_LogoHumanic Design has released its newest version of its Humanic Human Resources Management System (HRMS) for human resource managers. This software is an upgrade to its Oracle-based HRMS/Payroll system. Leading the way in human resource management since 1982, Humanic Design has been providing HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Talent Management Services to companies with resolve to save them time and money.

Jeff Noolas, President of Humanic Design, states, “By utilizing the new Version of the Oracle Database and Application Server, we were able to offer Humanic clients significant functional improvements in this new release.”

The Enhanced Applicant Module has a host of improvements, including a new Comments box, a button to Print Application, and a popup for a Signature. The Enhanced Employee Module features Annual Hours History, Type of Employee History, and Split Payroll Functionality. Other new features include updates in HRMS Utilities, Applicant Self-Service (APSS) Module, Employee Self-Service (ESS) Module, and Manager Self-Service (MSS).

Installation of Humanic Design solutions can be local or as Software-as-a Service (Saas). Its HRIS/HRMS and Payroll software saves businesses time and money so that more effort can be put into talent management.

To learn more about Humanic Design and all of the functional improvements of its HRMS, visit or call 201.825.8887.

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