Recruiting Career DirectionLike most people out there, sometimes Recruiters are looking for a change themselves.  It can come upon us slowly with a build-up of frustrations.  It can come upon us suddenly out of a simple desire for change.  Or still like others, it can come upon us when we are presented with an opportunity we weren’t quite looking for.  So now you have to make a choice…are you an Agency Recruiter or a Corporate recruiter?

There are any number of Recruiters who will tell you that Agency Recruiting is the only way to go. It can be lucrative, dynamic, fast-paced and exciting.  The life of an Agency Recruiter allows you as a professional to partner with a number of clients, become a trusted advisor, gain a reputation as well as garner widespread exposure to a number of industries and businesses alike.  It certainly sounds like Agency Recruiting is the more exciting position that will put you on the fast-track to professional success.  But those are just some of the quick selling points of the role…and those successes are certainly not guaranteed.  Then again, as a Corporate Recruiter you have a chance to build the talent of a company long-term, contribute drastically to it’s success or failure and gain a high-level and valued position within the company.  Well that sounds great too! Here are some points to consider before making a jump:

Professional Growth:  In the world of Agency recruiting there is certainly great potential to make a very good living in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.  If you’re willing to put in the work and can stave off some of the pitfalls of the recruiting world, you stand a very good chance of gaining financial success.  But what about professional growth?  In agency recruiting, it is very true that you are running your own business in a very real way. Whether or not you’re actually self-employed, the dollars and successes coming in the door quite literally rest on your shoulders and on your hard work.  So if you’re good at it there are a number of firms and companies that are going to want to make you a part of their team…as a Recruiter or perhaps as a Head Hunter or maybe even a Lead Recruiter…you get the point.  The opportunities for a professional recruiter to grow and/or change roles are fairly limited.  If your interest is in climbing the corporate ladder and gaining new titles and responsibilities…Agency Recruiting may not be for you.  Rather, in this type of recruiting, you must be driven by success, the next deal, the next placement. And frankly, that is what you should enjoy.

Dynamism versus Perseverance:  Wait, what?  What the heck is dynamism? Dynamism is the characteristic of being vibrant and progressive…or at least dynamic.  That’s one of the greatest positives of Agency Recruiting (maybe).  In that world, your focus is fluid, changing from client to client, role to role.  There is usually a great focus on speed, success, progress, and closure all in an endless and overlapping cycle. In Corporate Recruiting, while there is still a great premium put on speed and success, there are many times when the focus on particular types of roles and positions will be long-term.  That can be good and bad, depending upon the person you are.  While fluidity and change may be a real positive to you, it may not be to some other recruiters out there.  So if you’re facing the question of your next position, consider this: Do you have the ability to focus in on the same role for long periods of time? Or do you prefer the dynamic fluid environment that agency recruiting can offer?

Agency and Corporate recruiting are both very challenging roles that require focused, driven individuals.  And while you’ll find talented recruiters in both worlds, the real difference may be one of personality versus skill.  If you’re looking to make a move, you need to ask yourself some tough questions.  If you’re a good recruiter, you can certainly succeed in both roles.  The real question will not be one of success, but one of personal enjoyment and fulfillment.

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