Corporate Recruiting Resources

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Corporate recruiting is a group of recruiting jobs that are involved with internal or HR recruitment, and are focused on hiring employees for one particular employer.

Within the organization, corporate recruiters focus on hiring talented individuals to fill in vacant positions that are available within the same company. Recruitment for corporate purposes may focus on internal or external job candidates who have the qualifications needed for the desired position. To perform effectively as a recruiter, it is important to understand the organization's recruitment process and procedures. This involves getting formal descriptions of each job position within the organization and getting feedback from hiring managers regarding vacant positions and any concerns that such managers may have about the positions or the individuals who need to occupy them.

For corporate recruiters, daily staffing support is a main responsibility and a strategic thinking approach is necessary to create an alignment between the organization's objectives and the recruiting processes that are established to accomplish those objectives. Strategic initiatives for recruitment within the organization can include many facets such as developing recruitment policies, developing recruitment teams, determining job position tasks, responsibilities and qualifications, advertising open job positions, determining compensation structures and creating opportunities for qualified job seekers to learn about the organization. Jobs can be advertised internally and externally.

Social media feeds and other Internet-based methods can also be used to advertise job vacancies. Collaborations with third-party employment or temporary staffing agencies may also be appropriate, depending on the needs and requirements of the organization. Liaisons with managers of top performers within the organization can also help ensure that existing corporate experience preferences are maximized for certain job positions. Leadership training procedures may be established for existing employees with the strategic goal of preparing in-house candidates for future leadership positions as the need arises.
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