recruitment support programWise Noodles has announced the launch of a recruitment support program offering an inclusive alternative to the traditional recruitment agency model, including recruitment strategy, job specification, CV screening, telephone interviews, technical testing and interview support. The Wise Noodles program offers an inclusive package that addresses recruitment issues such as budgetary limitations while providing a program that includes:

• Recruitment strategy consultancy;

• Crafting the ideal job specification;

• Reviewing CVs with an efficient process;

• Conducting telephone interviews;

• Carrying out technical testing;

• Delivering a personal, face-to-face interview.

This process can take as little as two weeks and presents the client with between three to five ideal candidates in a simple and undisruptive manner. Wise Noodles immerses itself in a company’s current teams and goals in order to understand the ethos and budget of the client. This results in a short or long-term recruitment strategy aimed at getting the best outcome.

Wise Noodle’s recruitment package includes a standard CV screening service while also going a step further to conduct a 30-minute phone interview to ensure candidates match what they put on paper. The two-step selection process then gives the employer an opportunity to conduct a phone interview and possibly combine this with a technical test, to ensure candidates have a solid understanding of the technologies they choose to specialize in. Those who are successful will proceed to an on-site interview.

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