April 8, 2013

Women in STEM Careers [Infographic]

She-Geeks infographic sectionMost Americans know what STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Yet, I wonder how many are aware of the disparity between job openings in these crucial fields and the number of people qualified to fulfill them? According to a report by The Bertrand Group, 30 percent of job openings in large metro areas are in STEM, yet only 11 percent of the total population holds a STEM degree.

Want to know another surprising fact? Since 1982, women have earned 9.1 million more college degrees than men, yet they still don’t even represent one-fourth of STEM jobs.

So, our nation has two major issues when it comes to STEM careers: 1) there’s a shortage of qualified workers and 2) there’s a significant gender disparity between men and women currently working in these fields. What’s the solution, you ask? TechSchool.com has put together an infographic, She Geeks Women and Girls in STEM, to provide an answer:

STEM Background

  • Examples of STEM fields include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Computer Science, Engineering and Medicine
  • At 4.7 percent, STEM graduates have a lower unemployment rate than the 5.4 unemployment rate of non-STEM grads

STEM Talent Shortage

  • Although in 2010, for every computer major there were seven relevant job openings, only 1 in 18 workers held STEM jobs
  • Women make up 46.7 percent of the total U.S. workforce, yet less than 25 percent of the STEM workforce

Getting More Women into STEM roles

  • Goldie Box: This engineering-based toy set includes a book that teaches girls how to build with simple tools.
  • DigiGirlz High-Tech Camp: This worldwide three-day program is for girls ages 13 and up offering technology tours and demonstrations, networking, and hands-on workshops.
  • Net Hope’s Women’s TechConnect: Program mentoring and training women and girls in developing countries who are interested in STEM careers.
  • DigiGirlz Day: This one-day event held at Microsoft locations worldwide allows girls to meet with Microsoft personnel, learn about business and technology careers, receive career planning help, and view product demonstrations.

She-Geeks infographic

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