outward arrowsA recent TrackVia survey has shown that 84 percent of non-executive office workers at least occasionally feel pressure to work faster and be more productive with fewer resources. The philosophy of doing less with more appeared nearly universal in the survey where most polled employees listed speed of work as an important aspect of their job. Nearly half (47 percent) of respondents said work speed was very important and an additional 45 percent said it was somewhat important.

Work pace also appears to be on the rise with 39 percent of workers reporting quicker turnaround than one year ago. A further 55 percent said they were getting their work done in identical time as 12 months ago while just 5 percent reported slowing their pace.

“I think it’s safe to say that the days of taking your time to do the job right is being replaced by ‘do your job right – but do it as fast as possible,’” said Charles Var, vice president of marketing at TrackVia. “This hurry-up workplace is simply a new fact of life for many workers and a big reason we’ve developed TrackVia to help give workers a solution that allows them to solve their business challenges right now – not tomorrow, next week or next month.”

More than one-quarter of respondents said the most important contributor to improved work speed is keeping organized and the amount of experience performing specific tasks was ranked second at 21 percent. Having access to reliable software was rated most important by 8 percent of respondents and 7 percent said having the right type of software for their work contributed most to improved work speed.


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