Find and Hire Accounting Recruiters

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(e.g. has accounting recruiters that are ready to fill positions like cost controllers, bookkeepers, credit supervisors, tax preparers, payroll services, and chartered accountants. Our recruiters for accountants have experience and specialized knowledge from years of experience. If you’re looking to recruit accounting professionals for your company, one of our recruiters can help you out.

David Campbell
Naples, FL
Accounting Information Technology
David served as a Cryptologic Technician for the US Navy, where he learned the invaluable role strategy and tactics play in the creation of success. From...
Brad Yang
Independent Placement Contract Fee Recruiter
Tampa, FL
Accounting Healthcare Production +7 more
You may send me your job orders along with each hire managers contract contact. I am your Acquisition Recruiter for Placement Recruiting, Staffing, Small...
Tareq Ramcheran
Senior Technical Talent Acquisition Specialist
Alpharetta, GA
Accounting Engineering Finance +4 more
Technical Talent Acquisition/Recruitment professional with extensive experience in sourcing top talent within the following industries: Defense &...
Kevin Meyers
Kingsford, MI
Accounting Business Development Engineering +7 more
Our mission is finding great talent for great companies.
Michelle Rappa
HR Generalist
Huntington, NY
Administrative Customer Service Education +7 more
Experienced HR professional with a demonstrated history in working on recruiting and staffing assignments.
Curt Hammitt
Career Transition Coach | Recruiter
Chesterfield, VA
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
Everyone deserves to know how to find a job in this time. The job search process is constantly changing. I guide you through what it takes to get noticed...
Marisol Robles
Los Angeles, CA
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
Marisol Robles is a recruiter from Los Angeles, California, United States. Marisol specializes in the following sectors: Accounting, Administrative, Analyst, Business Development, Customer Service, Distribution, Finance,...
Brandon Garrett
Recruiter Specialist
Dayton, OH
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
I have over 7 years of Recruitment experience. Customer Service, Engineering, Executive Leadership, IT, Healthcare, Management, and much more. ...
Meredith Johnson
Riverside, CA
Accounting Administrative Finance +2 more
Meredith Johnson fell in love with recruiting and staffing over 15 years ago and spent much of that time building a solid recruiting structure for several...
Carmela French, PHR
Founder, Executive Recruiter
Washington, D. C., DC
Accounting Analyst Consulting +5 more
Capital Talent specializes in finding the right candidate — not just a matter of skills and certifications, but personality and fit. For those difficult...
Tania Thompson
Head - Recruiting
McLean, VA
Tania Thompson is a recruiter from McLean, Virginia, United States. Tania specializes in the following sectors: Accounting.
Marlaine Aly
Sr. Recruitment Specialist
Seattle, WA
Accounting Administrative Customer Service +7 more
My first job in finding people jobs was in the applicant paid employment agency environment. Wow, have things changed! And that is part of the challenge...
Ric Boltz
Senior Managing Director
New York City, NY
Accounting Finance Sales
Over 25 years experience in national talent acquisition, training, staff development and retention with specialized staffing firms. Disciplines of focus...
Ralph Dahm
Wheaton, IL
Accounting Analyst Consulting +4 more
Mr. Dahm founded I.T. Audit Search in 1985. The firm specializes in the banking and financial markets representing companies seeking to attract talented...
Russ Woods
Direct Hire Associate
Smyrna, GA
Accounting Analyst Business Development +7 more
I specialize in placing senior level finance and accounting professionals into permanent roles. If you have a direct hire need, or are looking to pursue...
Antonio Dangerfield
Managing Director
Chicago, IL
Accounting Business Development Finance +7 more
Strategic and tactical Human Resources Professional, with a keen ability to identify, assess and hire professionals nationally. Strong ability to develop,...
Kunal Walia
Director of Recruiting
San Francisco, CA
Accounting Advertising / Marketing Business Development +7 more
Kunal Walia is a recruiter from San Francisco, California, United States. Kunal specializes in the following sectors: Accounting, Advertising , Marketing, Business Development, Consulting, Finance, General Business, Information...
Brian Baginski
Owner/Professional Recruiter
Lakeville, MN
Accounting Advertising / Marketing Finance +7 more
Experienced Client Relations Leader and Professional Recruiter who has supported large multinational and fortune 100 companies during my professional career. Specialized...
Sue Ebrahim
Houston, TX
Accounting Consulting Information Technology +2 more
Sue Ebrahim is a recruiter from Houston, Texas, United States. Sue specializes in the following sectors: Accounting, Consulting, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Sales.
Tiffany Lake
Jacksonville, FL
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +30 more
I am highly experienced in high volume full cycle staffing and recruitment. I am skilled in the areas of high volume recruiting, executive search, contract...
Daniel Phillips
Director of Recruiting
Irvine, CA
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +2 more
Thank you for viewing my profile. I am a go to guy with passion for recruiting. I am relentless in the great search!

What Do Accounting Recruiters Do?

These recruiters are no different from your general recruiter, but they specialize in the accounting industry. An accounting recruiter is responsible for sourcing job seekers, screening them, and successfully placing them in popular roles, like payroll services, cost controllers, credit supervisors, tax preparers, and more. These recruiters have excellent communication, financial knowledge, and great sourcing skills. 

These skills are essential in finding top talent for accounting and financial positions. If a candidate feels like a recruiter doesn’t understand the details of the accounting job, then they may see the hiring company as unprofessional and choose not to accept a job offer.

An accounting recruiter is in charge of sourcing talent, building relationships, posting job openings, conducting interviews, and referring candidates to the right hiring manager. If a candidate is accepted, they will also send the job offer to the candidate. 

Benefits of Hiring Accounting Recruiters

Are you deciding whether or not you want to hire a recruiter to find accounting professionals? If you are spending too much time trying to hire candidates rather than growing your business, it might be time to find a recruiter. 

More Efficient Hiring Process

If you don’t have an efficient hiring process, it could take you months to fill that position. But when you hire a recruiter who is familiar with the recruiting process, you’ll be able to hire talent faster.

Working with a recruiter means you’ll have access to their expansive talent pool and carefully curated candidate relationships. This way, they can source talent faster and recruit qualified candidates for your organization. 

You can shorten your hiring schedule, and when time is money, spending on a great recruiter can help you save money. 

Find More Qualified Candidates

The accounting recruiters will have a baseline of quality candidates that they can draw from when you have an open accounting position that you need to fill. They will go through those candidates and find candidates who are qualified for your specific position. 

These recruiters have the experience to identify candidates who would be an excellent fit for a position. They know the market and can figure out what companies need and determine if a candidate really will offer value to the company. 

More Industry Insights

The accounting and financial world is constantly changing, and it’s becoming a competitive market without enough people to fill it. 

With a changing market, the changes in what you need from a candidate are always changing. When you have a recruiter who has their finger on the pulse, you’ll be sure to attract the best accounting and finance talent. 

What to Look For When Selecting Accounting Recruiters

When you hire an accounting recruiter, you’ll want to find one who has extensive knowledge of the industry and has experience filling accounting jobs.

You’ll also want to find a recruiter that has experience working with a business similar to yours. For example, our recruiters for accountants will work for a diverse range of clients, ranging from small to large accounting businesses. They might fill a payroll service at a small business and then fill a tax preparer for a Fortune 100 company. 

Our extensive network of professionals can help you find the top accounting talent. They can place candidates in positions of investor relations, taxes, accounting, financial planning and analysis, financial reporting, and auditing.