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Plano, Texas, United States


Midland, Texas, United States

Every job and every job seeker is different. Regardless of your background or your situation, we connect all types of workers with awesome opportunities.


Miami, Florida, United States

Vice President

Temperance, Michigan, United States

Our Recruiters are a team of experts passionate about hiring leaders in our agriculture and food industry. We’re known for our selectivity and ability to find the perfect fit whether hiring from within our industry or attracting executives from outside the industry. Whether you’re hiring an executive to lead a turnaround or seeking to change strategy in your mature organization, we can help with your recruitment. We use a comprehensive discovery process and a consultative approach to understand your business, culture, industry challenges and learn where you’re heading to deliver a leader who exceeds your expectations. We work exclusively with our clients offering one of the industries longest guarantees.

Charles Morgan

Human Resources

Agege, Lagos, Nigeria

David Mar

Human Resource Manager

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Carrie Longmire

CEO- Recruiter

Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States

Owner - Recruiter - Dedication - Passion - I am the founder of Longmire Staffing Services. An agriculture recruitment firm built on a true passion to serve & advocate for those within the agriculture industry. Longmire Staffing Services has a unique mission - to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of those who nourish the world. We do so by providing the right talent in the right place at the right time and ‘leveling the field’ when our clients are competing for talent.

Richard Gomez


Camarillo, California, United States

Ana Puig


The Woodlands, Texas, United States

My mission is to impact the bottom line of the organizations through their people, through strong listening and analyzing skills, I become my Clients true representative, looking to align all new hires to the vision and values of the company for better candidate assessment and alignment, resulting in long term employment, Through active networking and focused search, my goal is to deliver qualified candidates within 2 weeks of an assignment. Should a need for a faster response is present, I am flexible enough to dedicate more time and adjust to Client's needs. I am optimistic, positive and engaged.

Anush Khachatryan

HR Specialist

Yerevan, K'aghak' Yerevan, Armenia

Clement Leon


Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

Ronald smith

Real estate marketer

Seattle, Washington, United States

Kuhle Mkwedi

Personal Assistant

Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa

Hamza Awan


Texas, United States



Shahdol, State of Madhya Pradesh, India

GIS ANALYSIS AND REPORTING Himanshu's Survey Team takes a holistic approach of spatial data creation, GIS database organization, quality maintenance, frequent updates as per new developments, and can provide user friendly technology that enables customers to understand and use GIS data. We have skilled surveyors who are able to establish high accuracy survey control networks and can undertake detailed topographical surveys annotating virtually every single structure, object, furniture or ground change present while minimising any impact our survey work and activities create for the general public and the surrounding environment. Within the india, over the past decade we have successfully completed several railway surveying projects on the Network Rail Infrastructure, ranging from standard topographical and gauging surveys for a number of railway stations across the country, to working as a principal surveying contractor on complex and multidisciplinary railway construction projects. For such projects, the requirement was to undertake various topographical and engineering (setting out) surveying and mapping services, ranging from track surveys and as-built surveys to various embankment, drainage and track setting out surveys. This includes the installation of modular S&Cs and various other traditional topographical and high precision engineering survey activities (for example, structural gauging for clearance purposes, signal surveys, S&T cable routes surveys, drainage and catchpit surveys and embankment surveys for stabilisation and re-profiling purposes). Mission And Values The mission of our business is to provide a first-class land surveying service to clients and businesses first time round. Our company values are based on building an outstanding company reputation while providing a bespoke service and expertise to every land surveying project and inquiry we receive from clients, while strictly adhering to industry standards and specifications. Building Surveying Methods Measured building surveys can be undertaken using various surveying methods and technologies, ranging from measuring tape and Disto to employing Total Stations, laser scanners and advanced photogrammetric techniques (mainly to produce drawings of complex elevations). Floor plans generally involve taking measurements of all structural openings, room fixed furniture, doors, windows, overhead beams and other similar features and structures. In comparison, elevations generally involve the preparation of detailed drawings showing every feature of the building face or elevation subject to survey. Nevertheless, measured building surveys can include a much more detailed specification from the one mentioned above and, if needed, can include every socket, brick and pillar, no matter the project size or building complexity. TYPES OF SERVICES Archaeological Surveys | As-built | Coastal Surveys | Consulting Services (Geomatics) | Close-range Photogrammetry | Data Validation | Drainage & Utilities Surveys DWG & DGN Files | Earthworks & Volumetric Surveys | Engineering Surveys | Expert Witness Services | Gauging & Clearance Surveys | Geotechnical & Borehole Surveys GENIO Files | GPS Surveys | GPR Surveys | Level Surveys | Ground Modelling & Visualisation | Heritage Surveys | Road & Highway Surveys | 2D Floor Plans & Elevations Land Condition Surveys | Measured Building Surveys | Monitoring & Deformation Surveys | Mining Surveys| Permanent Way (Railway) Surveys | Project Management River & Canals Surveys | Setting Out Services | Sections & Profiles | Survey Control Networks | Terrestrial Laser Scanning | Technical Report Writing Topographical & Mapping Surveys | Tree Surveys | Tunnel Surveys | Training & Mentoring Services | TruView Files | UTX & URX Surveys | Vegetation Surveys

Boaz Sisay


Addis Ababa, Adis Abeba Astedader, Ethiopia

sreeman mannamu

Managing Director

Rangoon, Yangon Division, Myanmar

Founder at Garranto, Strategic Consultant for Global Executive Search, Head Hunting , Learning & Development, Human Resource Transformation, Financial Inclusion. Senior leader with a highly proven track record and versatile leadership in Human resource transformation in Asia Pacific. He is extremely passionate about delivering superior business outcomes and enhanced employer satisfaction, performance of organization by leveraging human-centered design, motivational methods, performance models, effective human capital strategies. He brings deep expertise in leading cross-functional teams, offshore development, resource pooling. Key Expertise o Human resource strategy consultant o Organization Advisory o Management Consultant o Senior Business Consultant o Program Manager o IT Service Management o Digital Strategy Lead in Banking and Finance industry