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Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States

Recruiter undercover

New York City, New York, United States

Senior Recruiter

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States


Lubbock, Texas, United States


Alpharetta, Georgia, United States



Indianapolis, Indiana, United States


Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Software Engineer 2

Arrowhead Estates, South Dakota, United States

Lead IT Recruiter

Cornelius, North Carolina, United States

SC Consulting is a boutique recruiting firm specializing in placing professionals in the Digital Marketing Space either as temp or permanent hires. We work with most of the top Web Content, CRM, Ecommerce, Analytics, Mobile, and Point of Sale partners in North America and we are believed to have the largest database of Digital Marketing professionals of any recruiting company in the country.

Senior Recruiter

Roswell, Georgia, United States

Technical Recruiter

Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States


Carteret, New Jersey, United States

I am a freelance recruiter working on starting my own recruiting company one day. I am a U.S Air Force veteran who hopes to work specifically with assisting other veterans getting out of the military, but also work with many other types of people (such as college graduates, junior entry-level folks, etc.)

Innovative Recruiter

Hemet, California, United States

You will find me to be communicative, energetic, confident, and personable, the type of person on whom you can rely on to assist in your next career and employment offering. I also have a wide breadth of experience of the type that gives you the versatility to place many in a number of contexts with confidence that the level of excellence you expect will be met. I offer many recruiting opportunities and no cost to my candidates. Make the choice to have me increase your bottom line, while we both help make America great once again.

Managing Consultant

London, Greater London, United Kingdom


Palmdale, California, United States

I have excellent communication skills always call everyone back. Always positive . I can describe who i am let results speak for itself.

Talent Acquisition Director

Jacksonville, Florida, United States


Houston, Texas, United States