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If you need to hire construction recruiters, can help you place job seekers in popular positions like corporate board member, construction manager, real estate developer, electrician, plumber, sheet metal worker, or an executive vice president of a construction company. Our recruiters can use their knowledge and experience to recruit construction professionals for your organization.

Jay Fudickar
Managing Director
The Woodlands, TX
Accounting Business Development Engineering +7 more
Looking For Top Talent in the Construction Industry? Do you struggle to find people with a strong work ethic, values and leadership qualities? You’re...
Carter Gill
Job Recruiter
Syracuse, UT
Advertising / Marketing Customer Service Distribution +4 more
Carter Gill is a recruiter from Syracuse, Utah, United States. Carter specializes in the following sectors: Advertising , Marketing, Customer Service, Distribution, Production, Technician, Construction and Real Estate.
keely johnson
case investigator
East Meadow, NY
Administrative Customer Service Healthcare +2 more
keely johnson is a recruiter from East Meadow, New York, United States. keely specializes in the following sectors: Administrative, Customer Service, Healthcare, Human Resources and Construction.
Deven Barbero
Executive Recruiter / Account Executive
Mansfield, MA
Engineering General Business Manufacturing +7 more
Executive Recruiter specializing in solar and renewable energy. Focus on building businesses and careers by staffing top performing professionals into...
DeAnn Irby
Talent Acquisition Manager / Recruiter
Heights, TX
Accounting Consulting Engineering +7 more
Strategic Talent Acquisition Partner delivering innovative recruiting strategies and project management to provide top-tier talent and cost-effective solutions. Broad...
Eric Nguyen
Jacksonville, FL
Accounting Administrative Engineering +7 more
I've been in the staffing and recruiting world for the past 16 years. As a young man coming into the industry, I started the recruiting process with...
Beverly Robinson
Wichita, KS
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Business Development +7 more
Worked in the aviation industry i.e. international marketing, domestic marketing, sales, and support. Worked with all levels of the company management,...
Jennifer Smith
Poteau, OK
Analyst Engineering Manufacturing +7 more
Jennifer Smith is a recruiter from Poteau, Oklahoma, United States. Jennifer specializes in the following sectors: Analyst, Engineering, Manufacturing, Production, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Environmental, Equipment...
Alexis Ovalles
Producing Director and Senior Recruiter
Katy, TX
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
Welcome to my profile! I'm a Bilingual Spanish Talent Acquisition leader with over 10 years of experience building trust and true relationships with...
robert salazar
Houston, TX
Engineering Information Technology Manufacturing +7 more
robert salazar is a recruiter from Houston, Texas, United States. robert specializes in the following sectors: Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Project Management, Purchasing , Procurement, Quality Assurance,...
Bianca Jackson
Silver Spring, MD
Business Development Consulting Healthcare +4 more
Bianca Jackson is a recruiter from Silver Spring, Maryland, United States. Bianca specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Consulting, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Product Management...
Gary Gardiner
Chagrin Falls, OH
Business Development Consulting Engineering +6 more
Do you want to access the hidden HVAC executive candidate talent pool ? We are executive recruiters, highly specialized in accelerating professional...
Doug Massey
Founder and Sr. Managing Partner
Mauldin, SC
Business Development Engineering Project Management +2 more
I am Doug Massey, Founder and Managing Partner, RecruitEPC, Inc., leading global engineering and construction (EPC and GC) recruiters. My firm is in its...
Melody Walker
Healthy Nurse at home
North Chattanooga, TN
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Business Development +7 more
I am a mother of two and have 3 grand children, I am aware of global climate and I am green . I like persons to be on time and work just as hard as I do....
Eneshal Miller
Workforce Development Professional Coordinator Adv
Burtonsville, MD
Business Development Consulting Customer Service +7 more
Eneshal Miller is a recruiter from Burtonsville, Maryland, United States. Eneshal specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Consulting, Customer Service, Education, General Business, Human Resources, Environmental,...
Amanda Winstead
Recruiting Consultant
Alamance, NC
Business Development Distribution Engineering +7 more
9+ years as a trusted advisor to a vast network of amazing talent within the manufacturing sector. I am passionate in my ability to align amazing opportunity...
Colby Rodgers
Senior Regional Executive
Alpharetta, GA
Engineering Information Technology Manufacturing +6 more
Experienced recruiting professional with a large network of engineering and construction professionals available to help your company grow to fit project...
Gary Laurie
Talent Acquisition Manager
Indianapolis, IN
Business Development Engineering Human Resources +7 more
Gary Laurie is a recruiter from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. Gary specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Engineering, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Project Management, Technician, Environmental,...
Daniel Gaines
Chief Executive Officer
Edgartown, MA
Business Development Engineering General Business +4 more
Daniel Gaines is a recruiter from Edgartown, Massachusetts, United States. Daniel specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Engineering, General Business, Human Resources, Research, Scientific and Env...
Tammie McDaniel
Flagler Beach, FL
Tammie McDaniel is a recruiter from Flagler Beach, Florida, United States. Tammie specializes in the following sectors: Construction.
James Aiken
Greenville, SC
Accounting Business Development Finance +7 more
We're Legacy - the recruiting and staffing secret weapon in Greenville, South Carolina. We are a firm of building materials recruiters specializing...

What Does a Construction Recruiter Do?

A good construction recruiter can hire top talent for your business. The recruiter will oversee each step in the hiring process, drawing on their industry insight and focus. They can use this knowledge to know how to source, screen, and hire the perfect construction professionals for our position. With this information and familiarity, they also know what to look for to differentiate a suitable candidate from a bad one. 

The recruiter's construction specialization can give your business a competitive advantage in the recruiting world. These recruiters have the information needed to provide a great candidate experience. In a tough job market, a candidate will prioritize the experience and be more willing to accept a position from a knowledgable recruiter. If a candidate feels that the recruiter doesn't know what they're talking about, they may decide to accept an offer at a different construction company. 

These recruiters also have a great relationship with a pool of different construction talent. They know how to build relationships with construction professionals, and when you hire them, you increase your chances of recruiting one of these applicants. 

This recruiter can also manage other aspects of the recruiting process, like posting job descriptions on niche job boards, curating a talent pipeline, sourcing potential candidates, and managing interviews. They will recommend a list of the best candidates for you to choose from and then send the job offer to the candidate you choose. 

Advantages of Hiring a Construction Recruiter

Our construction recruiters can find the best construction talent quickly and efficiently, thanks to their experience in recruiting in the industry. This insight will help them navigate a challenging market and guide them through each step of the recruiting process. 

Streamlined Hiring Process

When you can hire the perfect employees for your construction business, you'll be able to take on more projects and complete them in a more timely manner. However, many construction companies struggle to find employees, and hiring them can be challenging. 

To fix this, you should hire a recruiter who has experience in the construction industry. This experience will make it easier for them to overcome hurdles and obstacles to find the right candidate faster than a general recruiter could. 

When your recruiter can shorten your hiring process and push candidates through your pipeline quicker, you'll save on hiring costs and be able to put that extra money towards growing your market. 

To help streamline your hiring process, these recruiters have a pool of talent already curated that they can source from to fill your open positions. By contracting one of our construction recruiters, you'll gain access to those possible candidates. 

Identify the Best Candidates

Any company can post a job opening on LinkedIn or a job board, but that doesn't guarantee that the right candidate will apply. You might need a recruiter who has experience recruiting passive candidates for open positions. 

Our recruiters know what qualifications and skillsets to look for in an ideal construction company candidate. They keep up with the trends in the industry and know what to look for when analyzing a candidate's resume or doing a phone screening. When your recruiter knows what to look for in a candidate, you're more likely to hire the right employee successfully.

Construction Industry Insight

Thanks to COVID-19 and supply chain problems, many construction companies have dealt with postponed and canceled projects. They're also struggling to attract and retain employees. Recruiters in the industry have their fingers on the pulse and know what to look for to accommodate the needs of different hiring companies. 

However, as construction companies attempt to learn how to manage with a smaller staff, candidates may need to have more qualifications. The right recruiter will know how to find the ideal candidate for your business, which will improve your company's revenue in the long run. The recruiter will do their best to ensure that your company can still find and attract top talent to beat competitors. 

What to Look for in a Construction Recruiter

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, you need to hire the perfect recruiter. You'll want to find someone whose personality meshes with yours, but you'll also want someone who has experience recruiting for a company similar to yours. 

You'll also want to consider what type of position you want to hire. For example, do you need to do an executive search for the world's largest construction company? Or do you need to hire some builders for your small startup? 

Our recruiters have experience recruiting for a wide range of positions, and we can help you fill any position. Contact us now to hire one of our recruiters and discover how we can help you grow your business.