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Timothy Ward

Recruitment Officer

Shibuya, Tokyo-to, Japan

Lawrence Kieffer


Shibuya, Tokyo-to, Japan

Sathish DV

Associate Consultant

Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan

Harsh Kudwa



Wansik BANG


Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan

Himanshu Jain

Managing Director

Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan

Himanshu comes with 30 years diversified experience, spanning manufacturing, Industrial Sales, SAP Consulting and over a decade’s experience of heading Japan operations of Indian IT companies. With over 16 years in Japan, Himanshu has also worked in Europe and with some reputed American companies. Considering challenges multinational companies face in Japan, especially for finding talent, the idea of founding ReachExt K.K. took shape. ReachExt is a recruitment company headquartered in Tokyo to connect bilingual talent with it's clients. The idea was to go to the other side of table to help companies find the right candidates for their needs.