Find and Hire Creative Recruiters

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(e.g. offers creative recruiters that are ready to fill job positions for copywriters, advertising managers, creative professors, web developers, interior designers, marketers, or creative directors. Our recruiters for creative professionals have experience in the creative industry and specialized knowledge from years of experience. If you’re looking to recruit creative professionals for your company, one of our recruiters can help you find qualified candidates.

Radu Somesfalean
Media Recruiter
Palm Harbor, FL
Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative Marketing
Creative leader of multi-platform branded content that drives brand awareness, conversions, and engagement among target audiences. Offering over 20 years...
Kazemia Terry
Eva, AL
Administrative Arts / Creative Consulting +7 more
Kazemia Terry is a recruiter from Eva, Alabama, United States. Kazemia specializes in the following sectors: Administrative, Arts , Creative, Consulting, Customer Service, Education, General Business, Human Resources, Training,...
Neil Schultz
Senior Recruiter
McKinney, TX
Arts / Creative Business Development Consulting +7 more
I help professionals in career transition get clear, get noticed and get hired for work they love faster than going it alone through resume writing, career...
Amber Handy
Smyrna, TN
Arts / Creative Business Development Customer Service +3 more
I've been in an independent professional recruiter for 3 years. While recruiting I also held jobs in the fields that I currently recruit in to get...
Colin Percy
Orlando, FL
Analyst Arts / Creative Consulting +5 more
Colin Percy is a recruiter from Orlando, Florida, United States. Colin specializes in the following sectors: Analyst, Arts , Creative, Consulting, Information Technology, Product Management, Project Management, Quality...
Esther Dacanay
Senior Guidance Coach | Recruiter
Honolulu, HI
Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative Business Development +7 more
Esther Dacanay is a recruiter from Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Esther specializes in the following sectors: Advertising , Marketing, Arts , Creative, Business Development, Education, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales,...
Pocahontas Music
Senior Recruiter
Las Vegas, NV
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative +7 more
Dedicated and organized senior recruiter. Familiar conducting interviews with multiple candidates to identify the one with the most potential. Hold 10...
Brandon Charleson
Layton, UT
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative +5 more
I'm a Family Man, Recruiter, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, and Air Force Airman. Since I became a Recruiter in 2009, I've inspired and changed many peoples'...
Sharonah Sardella
President - Recruiter and Sales Exec
Ormond Beach, FL
Business Development Customer Service Engineering +7 more
I started in Recruiting and Staffing Sales back in the early 90’s after 10+ years of engineering and technical support roles for New England computer...
Mary Ann Forde
Saint Augustine, FL
Business Development Consulting Engineering +5 more
Recruiter aka FBI agent...don't you feel like that at times? I love the hunt especially within our niche type of roles. I am the co-founder of...
Rouslie Alequin
Recruiter Business Development Manager
New York City, NY
Administrative Arts / Creative Business Development +3 more
Rouslie Alequin is a recruiter from New York City, New York, United States. Rouslie specializes in the following sectors: Administrative, Arts , Creative, Business Development, General Business, Project Management and ...
Nicholas DeTarr
Nipomo, CA
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative +7 more
I am motivated by finding ways to benefit others and establish meaningful, professional connections. Recruiting enables me to help candidates identify...
Cali Marretti
Sr. Recruiter
Riverside, CA
Accounting Arts / Creative Engineering +7 more
Hello, my name is Cali. I am a High Volume Talent Acquisition and Recruiting director with 12+ years of Corporate, Independent, and Agency recruiting expertise....
Jayna Butler
Principal Recruitment Business Partner
Memphis, TN
Accounting Administrative Customer Service +7 more
Hello! My name is Jayna Butler, the Principal Recruitment Business Partner for Elocin Consulting, which is a recruitment and talent development firm that...
Robert Foley
Portland, OR
Arts / Creative Business Development Consulting +7 more
Robert Foley is a recruiter from Portland, Oregon, United States. Robert specializes in the following sectors: Arts , Creative, Business Development, Consulting, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Project Management,...
Kimberley Gantz
Culture Shaper
Brooklyn, NY
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative +7 more
I am a dedicated, and experienced, Operations & HR Generalist that launches and shapes the cultures of Startup businesses. Proven track record with...
Joseph Ryan
Dupont Circle, DC
Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative Engineering +7 more
Joseph Ryan is a recruiter from Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., United States. Joseph specializes in the following sectors: Advertising , Marketing, Arts , Creative, Engineering, Finance, General Business, Healthcare,...
Brandon Sandridge
Executive Director
Austin, TX
Customer Service Engineering Finance +7 more
I’ve been in your shoes—it’s tough to be a job seeker or to be a company that’s experiencing staffing issues. I understand the urgency that you...
Jenny Lopez
CDL A OTR Driver
Chicago, IL
Arts / Creative Transportation
Jenny Lopez is a recruiter from Chicago, Illinois, United States. Jenny specializes in the following sectors: Arts , Creative and Transportation.
Tanner Noguess
Austin, TX
Consulting Education Healthcare +7 more
Tanner Noguess is a recruiter from Austin, Texas, United States. Tanner specializes in the following sectors: Consulting, Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, Training, General Labor, Hospitality, Psychology,...
Louisa Sitala
Sr. Executive Recruiter
Sunset Beach, CA
Accounting Business Development Engineering +7 more

What Do Creative Recruiters Do?

These recruiters specialize in filling roles related to the creative industry. They have a specialized focus and ability to source, screen, and select candidates for popular creative positions, such as:

  • • Art directors
  • • Editors
  • • Authors
  • • Journalists
  • • Videographers
  • • Product managers
  • • Web designers
  • • UX designers
  • • Freelance writers

Our recruiters have the creative knowledge and insights to know exactly where to find candidates and communicate with them to hire them. These skills are essential for recruiting that creative talent. If a recruiter doesn’t understand the crucial details of the creative jobs and industry, candidates might not trust the recruiter or the organization they’re hiring for.

A creative recruiter will also handle general tasks, like posting job advertisements on niche job boards, maintaining candidate pipelines, holding interviews, building relationships, and referring candidates for hire. If a hiring manager or company accepts a candidate, the recruiter will also facilitate the job offer process.

Benefits of Hiring Creative Recruiters

Is it worth hiring a recruiter specializing in filling creative roles? The answer is yes if you’re spending too much time hiring candidates rather than focusing on other aspects of your business.

Thankfully, creative recruiters can take care of the hiring process so that you can get back to what’s important: running your business.

Efficient Hiring Process

You don’t have months to waste trying to fill open positions in a competitive job market. Hiring a creative recruiter who is very familiar with the hiring process can know where to source top talent and how to connect with them to recruit creative and digital talent faster.

When our recruiter can reach creative candidates faster, they can push them through the talent pipeline directly into a position at your company.

In addition, a shortened hiring schedule will also help you save on different hiring costs. When you can save on hiring costs, you can scale and grow your business more effectively.

Discover More Qualified Candidates

Have you tried posting on job boards but not found any qualified candidates? A recruiter will have access to carefully curated candidate profiles, so they will be able to find the perfect for your creative job postings. If that ideal candidate isn’t in their talent pool, they have connections to find you the best candidate.

These recruiters also can identify candidates who will be a good fit for current or future job openings. With their finger on the pulse of the creative market, they keep up with the latest hiring trends and know what skills and qualifications to look for in a candidate.

Industry Knowledge and Insights

The creative industry and job market are constantly evolving, creating a competitive market with more job openings than qualified applicants ready to fill them. If you hire a general staffing agency recruiter, they may not have enough information or expertise to find the best candidate for your business.

While the job market continues to change, company requirements for a candidate are also changing. When you have a recruiter like ours who knows the market inside and out, they know how to do their research and find the perfect creative candidate.

What to Consider When Selecting Creative Recruiters

If you want to enjoy any of the benefits listed above, choose a recruiter that has experience working with creative clients.

Our recruiters for creative professionals have worked for a wide range of small and large creative companies across different industries. They have experience finding digital marketing talent for a small startup, marketing managers for mid-sized companies, or staffing new creative departments for large companies.

Regardless of what creative positions you need to fill, our recruiters have the expertise to be the perfect addition to your recruitment team. They will make sure that you have talent satisfaction with the candidates they provide.