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Recruitment Head

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Highly Skilled Professional

Talent Advisory

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I come with experience recruiting for entry level to executive level roles across varies domains including : Technology, Banking/Finance/Fin-tech Customer Service, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, clinical/Allied and more.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am a dedicated, diligent and organized HR and recruitment professional with 14 years' experience. My two motivators are people and processes. I started my career journey in corporate recruitment in 2006 providing full life-cycle recruitment (niche market - Financial Advisors) for 11 years'. During this time, I was able to learn and grow within my role as I supported company growth and development as a strategic HR business partner. I provided leadership, advice, and services to management and employees for effective HR practices in areas such as: attraction and retention, recruitment, performance, career management, onboarding, training and development and implemented a Workplace Wellness Program - Monthly Mental Health Break. I wear a few hats.... As a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Ovation Talent Solutions, I recruit for positions in Canada and the US. I have meaningful conversations with candidates by exploring their motivations and career goals. In addition, I provide support and customized full life-cycle recruitment services for employers. If you are a career seeker or employer, let's connect! Website: | Email: As a Holistic Career Coach, I help professionals to navigate career challenges by supporting wellness, growth and transformation. Furthermore, I have expertise in workplace wellness, stress mastery and private career college recruitment. I am an Administrator for the Work + Wellness Facebook Group, which is an online community and resource that connects like-minded individuals interested in the world of work and wellness. JOIN THE WORK + WELLNESS FACEBOOK GROUP: Please DM me for more information. Specialties: Financial Advisor Recruitment | Financial Services Recruitment | Sales Recruitment | Private Career College Recruitment | Recruitment | Talent Acquisition | HR | Onboarding | Training & Development | Candidate Experience | Workplace Wellness | Stress Mastery | Mentorship | Career Coaching | Career Consulting | Headhunter

Executive Recruiter

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
  • RCP Certified
  • Business Development Certified

I've been a professional Recruitment Consultant since 2006. I offer Executive, Sales, and Technical Leadership recruitment services. I contract and partner with other recruitment agencies and also run my own sales recruiting firm. My primary focus is on sales. Sales is the greatest profession in the world. I admire those who are dedicated to the art and science of sales. It's fun and I learn a lot from these high performers. On the network, I am a 'Generalist' with a focus on all positions in Eastern Canada (Toronto & Montreal). I have accumulated experience in financial and manufacturing recruiter throughout the years and I can recruit on just about anything. I seek to do things that will provide value and significance. I care about my clients and candidates, and my daily goal is to help them get closer to their career aspirations.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Hello, I'm Ed, a recruiter with extensive experience in sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing and placing passive candidates in various industries ranging from Healthcare, to Marketing, to Financial Services as well as IT. I am a big proponent and a champion of candidate experience which I achieve through constant communication with candidates as well as delivering excellent candidates to my stakeholders. I maintain a high level of integrity throughout the recruitment process and in my professional/personal life by ensuring a fair and transparent process. If you would like to know how I can serve your need, reach out to me and we can have a chat.

Julia Hannon

Dining Room Server

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Natasha Brash


Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Gary Seto


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Consistently delivering top talent to clients in a variety of industries. Building long-lasting relationships with clients by providing outstanding service and top-notch qualified candidates. I'm always on the lookout for individuals who have what it takes to succeed! My goal is to make each candidate’s experience as smooth as possible through consistent communication and by providing timely feedback. I can help you find either your dream job, or that position you know will advance your career and ultimately your personal life.

Managing Director

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Security Consultants

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Security consultants and Private Investigator

Founder - Consultant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Executive Recruiter

London, Ontario, Canada

Manager, Recruiting and Executive Search

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I have a focus on Recruitment Solutions and have been with TPD since 2004. I've directly been involved in over 1,300 successful recruitment assignments and interviewed over 3,500 applicants. When I'm not working with my team to find top talent, I'm is working with clients to help them strategically hire so that they can reach their business goals. Aristotle said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Metaphysics aside, the same can be said about the whole of an organization and the sum of its members. Getting the right people in the right positions happens more than just through luck; and keeping your most valuable assets with you takes more than wishing, praying, and an annual review.

executive representative

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Recruitment Specialist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A proven track record with over ten years of expertise in fulfilling client’s recruitment needs in an efficient and timely manner for the mutual benefit of both the clients and the candidates. Preparing and conducting presentations to prospective clients individually and as a group, providing training on a one-on-one basis and a seminar-type settings, including training on interviewing techniques and resume-writing. Servicing clients and candidates across North America with expertise in the Canadian recruiting industry.

Talent Aquisition Specialist

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Managing Partner

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Account Specialist

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada