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Carr Consulting, LLC is a small direct placement firm that specializes in sourcing military and veteran job seekers in a variety of skillsets and levels of experience.

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Respect & Responsibility is the format we follow for over 20 years, both for the Client as well as the Candidate. We Pre-Qualify all our Candidates, and only those that meet a => 80% of requirements are presented. With each candidate presentation you will receive: 1.) Salary Requirements: Note: only Candidates that fall within your stated range will be presented. 2.) Availability: Only candidates that will be available within 2-4 weeks from acceptance of a Formal Offer will be presented, Unless they are extremely qualified. 3.) Relocation Issues; We first dig for local/regional candidates, then those that are sincerely interested in the position/location. At times we have candidates that are willing to relocate at their own expense should no relocation assistance be offered. 4.) Reason for considering the opportunity: This will be a direct narrative from the candidate.


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Our Recruiters are a team of experts passionate about hiring leaders in our agriculture and food industry. We’re known for our selectivity and ability to find the perfect fit whether hiring from within our industry or attracting executives from outside the industry. Whether you’re hiring an executive to lead a turnaround or seeking to change strategy in your mature organization, we can help with your recruitment. We use a comprehensive discovery process and a consultative approach to understand your business, culture, industry challenges and learn where you’re heading to deliver a leader who exceeds your expectations. We work exclusively with our clients offering one of the industries longest guarantees.

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I'm an experienced IT professional with more than 20 years in big business. I leverage my hands-on IT experience to provide competitive advantage to my clients by locating and pre-screening the top candidates to ensure the best fit to open roles. I specialize in hard to fill technology roles including IT architecture, infrastructure, security and programming.


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Since October, 2016, I have served as President and CEO of Viewpoint Solution Partners, a Central Texas-based firm focusing on high performance recruiting, training & consulting for the construction & manufacturing industries. It's my belief that it's not always the successes in life that are the greatest teacher. Since jumping into Fortune 500 corporate America in 1992, and every step of the way since then, it has always been the most difficult challenges that have provided the greatest insight and lessons for me personally. With over 20 years working in corporate America as an entrepreneur, recruiter & consultant, I have a crystal clear vision for my business and my life. This vision has brought about the creation of Viewpoint. Our mission is grounded in the unshakable beliefs in the power of people, the power of strategy, and in clean, progressive business models. My passion is being a “roll up your sleeves” hands-on recruiter & consultant. By using highly-sensitive organizational assessments to diagnose the status of businesses and the scope of their operation, our team can quickly gain an expert understanding of where an organization is, where they want to go, and who they are competing against. We bring a charismatic approach to working with business executives and managers to enhance their personal growth, their team and their organizations as a whole, which is why many of our clients have come to view us as trusted and respected advisers to their business. What I know is this: it’s not what we sell or the service we provide. Our core values in business are often the determining factor in our success or failure. The greatest thing I can do for any company is to help them establish these values, build an winning talent base, and craft a clear path into the future.


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Atlanta, Georgia, United States is an online recruitment service that focuses on finding top talent for professional opportunities across the U.S. Some of our specialties are IT, Engineering, Human Resources, and Healthcare. If you are interested in one of these career fields you can apply to one of our jobs or simply submit your resume. If you have interests in other areas, complete the Contact Us form and you may also submit your resume.


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