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Recruiter undercover

New York City, New York, United States


Portland, Oregon, United States

Recruiting Specialist

Houston, Texas, United States

Recruiting manager

Harding, Pennsylvania, United States

As a recruiter for 3 years with Staff Management, A TrueBlue, Co., I was responsible for hiring employees for multiple departments and levels. I have hired and interviewed over 500 applicants for a production warehouse in rural Pennsylvania. I have strong communication skills and I'm an outstanding judge of character, so the applicants I recruit will only be the ones that are the best candidates for the job. I am confident that my experience, my interpersonal skills, my strong communication skills, and my proven record of success hiring employees make me an ideal candidate to recruit for your company.

Adminstrative Manager

Ozark, Alabama, United States

A 16- year professional background encompassing office management, executive support, and sales. Expanded knowledge of business development and account management. A natural talent with client-based inter-relationships, advertising, brand marketing, and ‘needs-driven’ sales. Available to relocate for the right career opportunity. In addition to the employment history stated above, I also have experience in the Nuclear Power Industry, as a Decontamination Technician outage worker... I am open to re-entry into the nuclear industry sector. The abilities and training, which I gained as an independent insurance agent, such as, presenting presentations to potential clients, conducting Medicare educational classes, assisting clients with financial planning and budgeting, tracking documents while managing control of insurance policies and medical records, enables my suitability for administrative and business opportunities. My expansive employment history also includes 6 years in Advertising and Marketing as a Senior Account Executive. This position gave me the skills of working closely with clients and taught me how the importance of keeping the company/client relationship at a high standard. I am, an experienced career-oriented professional that your organization is needing. An additional bonus is that I am eager to relocate and I have a personal belief that hard work makes for a good nights rest. A more rounded business professional would be difficult to find. Lastly, I am seeking a career to eventually retire from -- not a job. Let's talk!

Director of Program Development

Denver, Colorado, United States


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Executive Recruiter

Petoskey, Michigan, United States


Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

Human Resources Business Partner

Orlando, Florida, United States

Digital Media Cooridinator

Lonoke, Arkansas, United States

Writing Assignments

Gilbert, Arizona, United States

Business Owner

Marion, Ohio, United States


Chicago, Illinois, United States

Financial Analyst

Denver, Colorado, United States


Mountain View, California, United States

District Leader

Berwick, Pennsylvania, United States


Miami, Florida, United States


Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States