Find and Hire Healthcare Recruiters

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(e.g. has a network of healthcare recruiters ready to fill job positions for anesthesiologists, surgical technicians, nursing assistants, general practitioners, counselors, therapists, and surgeons. Our recruiters for healthcare professionals have years of experience in the field, and they can help you find forward-thinking healthcare professionals. If you need to recruit the best healthcare professional for your business, our recruiters can help you proactively seek out these candidates.

Dennis Shoaf
Director of Recruiting
Abilene, TX
Healthcare Human Resources Information Technology +7 more
A seasoned Recruiter and Relationship Builder; in the healthcare industry searching for professionals to fill mid to senior level positions in various...
James Brewer
Chief Talent Officer
Winter Park, FL
Accounting Engineering Finance +7 more
James doesn’t just find talent – he helps clients make the right organizational decisions about their talent pipeline at moments of strategic importance. Through...
Tino Barrera
Katy, TX
Accounting Healthcare Information Technology
15 years of healthcare experience.
Chandan Chandra
Islandia, NY
Healthcare Information Technology
I am working in Information technology for last 25 years and recruiting in IT , Health Care and Financials
Kimberly Hauxhurst
Fresno, CA
Healthcare Human Resources
After 20 years in the business of professional placement and corporate recruiting strategies, I am dedicated to providing direct solutions to job seekers...
Adam Burggraff
Healthcare Recruiter
Anchorage, AK
As a healthcare recruiter, I have three years of experience offering clear and transparent recruiting that leads to success. I've helped companies find...
Myles Knipper
IT Recruiter
Asheboro, NC
Analyst Consulting Healthcare +6 more
Talent acquisition specialist with 8+ years of experience in Healthcare IT. Specializes in leading full cycle recruiting, end-to-end recruiting delivery...
Andrea Turel
West Portland, OR
Advertising / Marketing Consulting Healthcare +7 more
Graduate (Bachelor’s of Science in Biochem and German) Healthcare Recruiter & Chief Operations Officer of The Bath Club, Inc. as well as a freelance...
Walker Mallory
Founder - Lead Recruiter
Conway, NH
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
Serial entrepreneur and skilled healthcare recruiter with experience in a variety of industry niches. Results driven to ensure whatever organization I...
Michael Woloshin
Hiring Manager
Ossining, NY
Michael Woloshin is a recruiter from Ossining, New York, United States. Michael specializes in the following sectors: Healthcare.
Darrick Richardson
Palm Coast, FL
Administrative Healthcare Psychology
I am Darrick Richardson founder of Advocate Source. We are a healthcare recruitment agency rooted in nursing while filling smaller roles in other healthcare...
Jasmine Hines
Independent Recruiter
Dania Beach, FL
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Customer Service +7 more
Hi my name is Jasmine Hines, your South Florida Independent Recruiter. I've started my recruiting journey back in 2017 while working as a Customer...
Danielle Federle
Owner and CEO
Chicago, IL
Healthcare Insurance
Hello and thank you for taking the time to review my information in consideration in helping support you. My experience encompasses 10+ years working...
Jamie Fisher
Carthage, NC
Accounting Administrative Engineering +7 more
I am a driven, and love helping both jobseekers and employers fill positions and achieve careers In a timely manner.
Joy Bunde
Redmond, OR
Hello! It's nice to meet you. My name is Joy Bunde. I am the owner of Ignite Staffing Solutions, LLC, a healthcare staffing agency that specializes...
Noa Grant
Senior Executive Recruiter
Bellflower, CA
Accounting Customer Service Healthcare +7 more
Noa Grant is a recruiter from Bellflower, California, United States. Noa specializes in the following sectors: Accounting, Customer Service, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Product Management, Project...
Beverly Savage
Chief Executive Officer
Collierville, TN
Customer Service Distribution Healthcare +7 more
Beverly Savage has a B.B.A. in Finance with almost 30 years of sales and senior level leadership experience in the healthcare industry with increasing...
Susan Leys
Consultant and Coach
Frederick, MD
Consulting Education Healthcare +5 more
Susan A. Leys is a healthcare consultant and coach skilled in training high-performance healthcare teams, program development, program design, and implementation,...
SaraLee Grandelis
Independent Recruiter
Moffat, CO
Engineering Healthcare Human Resources +6 more
SaraLee Grandelis is a recruiter from Moffat, Colorado, United States. SaraLee specializes in the following sectors: Engineering, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Executive, Training, Construction,...
Nick Davis
Owner, Chief People Officer
Cambridge, OH
We are a talent acquisition firm specializing in the permanent placement of Licensed Clinical Professionals in the Healthcare Industry. Our core principles...
Beth Everett
Executive Recruiter
Elkton, MD
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Business Development +7 more
Independent Executive Recruiter with over five years of experience in Healthcare, Sales, IT and more. I have a 98% retention rate with all placements....

What Is the Role of a Healthcare Recruiter?

These recruiters have a specialized focus on filling open roles in the healthcare industry. They have the focus and insights to know how to successfully search for, screen, and locate candidates for popular healthcare positions:

  • • Nurse practitioner 
  • • Nutritionists
  • • Pharmacist
  • • Physician
  • • Oral Surgeon
  • • Home health aide
  • • Medical services manager
  • • Pediatrician
  • • Surgeon 
  • • Dentist

Our specialized recruiters know where to source these candidates. They can find candidates and make a connection with them. It’s easier for them to make a connection when they understand the healthcare industry and jargon. Suppose a candidate doesn’t feel like the recruiter will fully understand the industry. In that case, candidates may not have a great experience which could affect whether or not a candidate accepts a position. 

A healthcare recruiter can handle all the tasks that a general recruiter might generally take care of. They’ll post job openings to different niche job boards, maintain a candidate pipeline, hold interviews, and refer the most qualified candidates to hiring managers. The recruiter will also facilitate the job offer process when they find a candidate that the company will like. 

Benefits of Hiring Healthcare Recruiters

These recruiters can easily find the best healthcare talent so that you can go back to growing and scaling your business. You’ll know that the hiring process is in the hands of experts who can build you a reliable team of employees.

More Efficient Hiring Process

In a competitive job market, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare companies struggle to retain and attract new talent. But hiring a recruiter who is familiar with the industry could be your key to finding top talent. 

These healthcare recruiters can connect with and hire the best healthcare talent faster than a general recruiter could. With a better relationship between the recruiter and the candidate, they can push the candidates through the talent pipeline and get them into an open position faster at your company. 

In addition, a shortened hiring process will cut your hiring costs so that you can attract even more talent that will bring more success to your business. 

Identify Quality Candidates

Many companies have been posting their job openings on job boards or social media and only have unqualified candidates applying. Thankfully, a healthcare recruiter will already have a pool of talented candidates that they can use to fill open positions at your company. 

And if the perfect candidate isn’t in that pool, they will be able to contact other connections in their network to find the ideal hire for your business or hospital. 

Our recruiters can also identify which candidates are the best fit for the job. They can keep up with the latest healthcare market trends and know which experiences and skill sets to look for. When they can identify highly qualified candidates, you’ll have a higher chance of hiring a successful employee. 

Industry Insights

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, especially after the recent pandemic. The healthcare industry is very competitive as many hospitals and healthcare employers are trying to keep their staff managed. 

If you hire a recruiter who doesn’t focus on the healthcare industry, they may not have the insights to know who would be a perfect candidate for your open roles.

As the healthcare market evolves, the requirements for what your business needs will also change. With a specialized recruiter on your side, you’ll be prepared for whatever problems the job market brings your way. 

What to Consider When Selecting Healthcare Recruiters

Any business in the hospital industry would benefit from hiring this type of recruiter. Still, you should ensure that you find a recruiter who has worked with a company similar to yours.

Our healthcare recruiters have worked for various clients and organizations in different healthcare sectors. They have deep expertise in finding the right person for a surgeon for a small hospital or a therapist for a large healthcare center. 

Regardless of what position you need to recruit for, our recruiters have the knowledge and experience to find the best candidate for your organization. They’ll ensure you’re satisfied with your new hire and can seamlessly integrate them into your business. Contact us today to improve your hiring process.