Find and Hire Information Technology (IT) Recruiters

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Are you looking for information technology recruiters? Here at, we have a large network of specialized recruiters to help you place job seekers in popular positions like IT project managers, big data engineers, software developers, DevOps engineers, data architects, computer programmers and analysts, and IT analysts. Our talented recruiters have plenty of experience in the IT industry, and they can help your company find the best tech talent. If your business can't recruit or find any talent, our recruiters will help you hire the best IT professionals.  

Joyce (Jai) Ross
Senior Recruiter
Bear, DE
Analyst Business Development Finance +7 more
Whether I am recruiting for IT/Fintech, Nursing, Sales, Marketing, or HR, one thing that all candidates appreciate - my commitment to providing a great...
Connie Crutchfield
Recruiter/ Sales Manager
Jacksonville, FL
Customer Service Marketing Quality Assurance +3 more
Hello my name is Connie. I am a Recruiter with 3 years of experience in sourcing and hiring top talent for several industry organizations. Not only Skilled...
Tammy Delever
Iowa City, IA
Consulting Human Resources Information Technology +3 more
Senior Recruiting Professional with experience in full cycle recruiting and all aspects of Talent Acquisition. Focused on quality processes and relationships...
Bhuvan Singh
Technical Recruiter
Fremont, CA
Engineering General Business Human Resources +7 more
Bhuvan Singh is a recruiter from Fremont, California, United States. Bhuvan specializes in the following sectors: Engineering, General Business, Human Resources, Information Technology, Production, Product Management, Project...
Suryakumara papaiah
Senior technical Recruiter
Forest Lake, CA
Customer Service Engineering Healthcare +7 more
Full-Life Cycle recruiting professions with a passion for finding high caliber talent. Perform the entire staffing function from position assessment to...
Ciera Hutson
Recruiter & Sales Consultant
Austin, TX
Advertising / Marketing Analyst Business Development +7 more
Providing recruiting, technical sourcing, and salesforce consulting services. My background is mostly in Software and SAAS sales and sales management...
Steve Sheppard
Senior Recruiter
Suffolk, VA
Consulting Engineering Human Resources +7 more
Accomplished TA Professional with long history of success across a myriad of industries and skill sets. Collaborative and consultative with all parties;...
Preeti Kaur
Technical Recruiter
Windsor, NJ
Information Technology
My name is Preeti Kaur. I am very passionate about helping people both professionally and on a personal level. Based on my knowledge and experience, I...
Kristina Shoots Wiggins
Sr Technical Recruiter
Seattle, WA
Advertising / Marketing Business Development Consulting +7 more
Shoots is the name. Networkings my game.
Rebecca Crabtree
Recruiting Manager
Owensboro, KY
Engineering Healthcare Information Technology
My name is Becky Crabtree, Owner of Titus Search Group, LLC. I am an experienced Information Technology recruiter with 20+ years of experience. I have...
Sarah Hartman
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Pinellas Park, FL
Customer Service Engineering Information Technology +3 more
Greetings! I have a passion for Talent Acquisition and love the challenge of finding the right, lasting fit for each role. Talent Acquisition is a dynamic,...
Robert Ferns
Narragansett Beach, RI
Advertising / Marketing Engineering Human Resources +7 more
The RF Hiring Solutions team has over two decades of experience building results-driven relationships and managing all aspects and delivery of contingent...
Mark Dixon
New York City, NY
Accounting Administrative Analyst +7 more
Mark Dixon is a recruiter from New York City, New York, United States. Mark specializes in the following sectors: Accounting, Administrative, Analyst, Business Development, Engineering, Finance, Information Technology,...
Joselin Sams
Managing Director
Alpharetta, GA
Consulting Customer Service Human Resources +7 more
With more than 15 years’ experience in developing, implementing and supporting new business processes and technology solutions, Joselin is well positioned...
San Jose, CA
Business Development Consulting Human Resources +4 more
RAJAKUMAR SR is a recruiter from San Jose, California, United States. RAJAKUMAR specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Consulting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Public Relations...
Jeff Cerro
Technical Recruiter
South Bound Brook, NJ
Information Technology Sales
My name is Jeff Cerro I am a Recruiter with OSIC Recruiting. I have over ten years experience in recruiting.
Rene Cole
Business Development Information Technology Marketing +3 more
Rene Cole is a recruiter from NA, Virginia, United States. Rene specializes in the following sectors: Business Development, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Executive and Analytics.
William Sternberg
Somerset, NJ
Administrative Business Development Customer Service +4 more
William Sternberg is a recruiter from Somerset, New Jersey, United States. William specializes in the following sectors: Administrative, Business Development, Customer Service, General Business, Information Technology,...
Nitin Gupta
Senior Talent Acquisition specialist
Ashburn, VA
Consulting Information Technology
Nitin Gupta is a recruiter from Ashburn, Virginia, United States. Nitin specializes in the following sectors: Consulting and Information Technology.
Lydia Graham
Sr. Director
Boston, MA
Administrative Business Development Finance +7 more
I assist our CEO, Alan Graham here by connecting him with decision makers so that he can better inform people of what we are doing. I work with corporations...
Jesus Carl James Bontia
technical recruiter
San Jose, CA
Engineering Information Technology Research +2 more
Jesus Carl James Bontia is a recruiter from San Jose, California, United States. Jesus Carl James specializes in the following sectors: Engineering, Information Technology, Research, Scientific and Mathematics.

What Are the Duties of an Information Technology Recruiter?

An IT recruiter can acquire informational technology professionals, and this type of recruiter will do all the tasks that a generalist recruiter would generally take care of. The hiring process is similar to any other, but there might be slight differences. For example, a specialized recruiter will have the technical knowledge and IT insights to help them know where to source candidates, screen, and interview candidates. Our recruiters can help you build the perfect IT team for business development, with positions like:

  • • Chief technology officer
  • • Mobile application developer
  • • Computer and information research scientists 
  • • Data security analyst
  • • Senior web developer
  • • Information security analysis
  • • Web developer

With a specialization in the IT industry, our talent acquisition experts will give you a competitive advantage. These recruiters can build a relationship with highly skilled IT professionals to increase the likelihood of recruiting those candidates. If you only hire a generalist recruiter, they may not have the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully evaluate a candidate or provide a good experience. When the market is competitive, and candidates are fielding multiple officers, having a great candidate experience could be the deciding factor.

The IT recruiter will analyze and write job descriptions, post the openings on job boards, curate a pool of talented candidates, source candidates, screen them, and handle interviews. They can also handle the job offer acceptance process. 

Benefits of Hiring an Information Technology Recruiter's information technology recruiters will locate the best IT professionals quickly and efficiently, thanks to their critical market knowledge. This knowledge helps them in every stage of the recruitment process. This way, you can spend your time and money growing your business. These recruiters will also choose the best candidates to help you scale your business's teams.

Efficient Hiring Process

Hiring the most qualified IT talent in a challenging market will be difficult for a recruiter who doesn't have the technical expertise of the industry. Thankfully, hiring the right recruiter can help you overcome many obstacles and create a more efficient hiring process. 

Having a streamlined and efficient hiring process will lower your overall hiring costs. In a market where companies struggle with employee retention, reducing your hiring costs could help save some money. You'll get access to more qualified candidates in a shorter amount of time. You'll also reduce the risk of picking the wrong candidate and wasting money on hiring them. 

These recruiters will have relationships with IT talent and will be able to recruit them for the open roles at your company. You'll get instant access to these crucial relationships, where a general recruiter could take years to build up this type of candidate pool. 

Identify Qualified Candidates

Any business owner can post a job opening on a job board and wait for the right candidate to apply. However, the perfect applicant may not even be able to find and apply to those job openings. This strategy only attracts candidates actively looking for a job, but you could be missing out on a large pool of passive talent. These recruiters know where to source those passive candidates and recruit the best ones for your business. 

Our recruiters will know which skill sets and qualifications an information technology candidate will need to fulfill their job duties. These recruiters constantly learn about the latest trends to know what to screen a candidate for. With these recruiters on your team, you'll have an increased chance of hiring a permanent placement.

Industry Insight 

As new technology comes out, the IT industry is constantly evolving, and the qualifications that a candidate needs are also changing. The demand is growing for these IT professionals, making the market very competitive. 

Even the best businesses are struggling to find candidates, but hiring a recruiter from a staffing company who has their finger on the pulse of the industry will make sure that your business doesn't get left behind. 

How to Hire an Information Technology Recruiter

For your business to enjoy all of these benefits, you need to hire the right IT staffing services. You want to find someone who has recruited IT professionals for a company that is similar to yours.

Our recruiters know and have experience with the perfect hiring strategies to help you find the right candidate. Our recruiters can help you hire a chief technology officer for your small IT startup or an entire team of IT analysts for your established company. 

Regardless of what position you want to hire for, our recruiters will provide you with the best talent for your company. Contact us today if you’re ready to contract our recruiters or utilize our other recruiting solutions!