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People are at the heart of every successful business initiative. At AlphOmega, a boutique provider of staffing, talent management and services, we understand people. Our deep insight into the labor market enables us to help clients achieve their business goals while optimizing their workforce strategies.


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Marshall Stanton


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Jean Davis

Talent Acquisition

Topeka, Kansas, United States

I am passionate about finding that outstanding candidate who deserves that outstanding job with an outstanding company! Dedicated to my company, its mission, and the culture, I take pride in providing the best candidate experience possible, driven to discover excellence among the masses, and then coaching that excellence to attain the unattainable. I focus my passion for finding superior talent by representing organizations I can truly stand behind – my personal standards and integrity will always align with those I represent. I present information honestly and thoroughly, insisting that my matchmaking produces the perfect fit for everyone. My own job satisfaction comes from knowing that my company’s interests are protected by my search for superior talent. My candidate-centric approach rewards me by helping people realize their potential as they chart their course for achieving great things! I have a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry with a solid human resource background, holding a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree from Friends University with major concentration in Human Resource Management. When I'm not playing matchmaker at work, you will probably find me playing outdoors, maybe getting my hands dirty planting something or just enjoying time with Évike, my Kuvasz, and Oz, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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Susan Parson


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James Johnson

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YOUR Partner to bring Top Talent to YOUR Company. As a Contract Recruiter, I am pushing the boundaries of what to expect from a recruitment. It's core to my DNA. What I offer for you is tripling down on providing scale, experience, and acceleration - to help you hire the talent to help you rapidly and effectively accomplish your goals. Workforce is one of the top five, if not three expenses for a company. Therefore, it is important to identify the most well-rounded candidate and place them in a position where they can grow and contribute to YOUR company exceedingly. That is where I can come in, I specialize in helping companies like yours save time and money by working seamlessly as an extension of your hiring/management team to attract quality candidates quickly but allowing you to set the budget. It would be great to touch base and learn a little about your organization and its challenges. See what other hiring managers have to say: Director of Software Engineering “James is passionate about finding the right person for the job. In my time with James he was able to find talented new team members in regions where many struggle. While working with James he was able to help us double the size of our Product Engineering team with the right mix of skill levels.” Software Sales Director “James knocks it out of the park! He did a fantastic job recruiting for my teams. He was thorough, efficient and kept me updated on his progress. I highly recommend James for your talent acquisition needs!”

Tommy Thompson

BOP Technician

Sabetha, Kansas, United States


Kenneth, Kansas, United States

Healthcare and Healthcare IT Recruiter

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Sean Baker

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