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(e.g. has an extensive network of legal recruiters ready to fill open job roles like lawyers, mediators, compliance professionals, chief legal officers, tax attorneys, judges, law school professors, attorneys, and general counselors in major cities and states. Our recruiters for legal professionals have years of experience in the industry, and they can help your company acquire top talent. If you've been searching for legal professionals but haven't had any luck, our recruiters can help you.

Kieran Conway
Valatie, NY
Accounting Administrative Analyst +4 more
I am the founder and President of JRC Recruiting. With over 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Recruiting, I started JRC Recruiting to provide...
Jr Hill
Charlotte, NC
Accounting Advertising / Marketing Analyst +7 more
Currently, Ronald is Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Global Geek Force, Inc. sourcing talent for NGO, For Profit Organization and fortune 100-500...
Christian Narvaez
Development and Operations Associate
New York City, NY
Administrative Advertising / Marketing Arts / Creative +7 more
Hi there, My name is Christian Narvaez and I am a recent graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I've graduated with a bachelor's...
Gary Benedik
Chicago, IL
Engineering Human Resources Legal +7 more
There's a lot to the story. I personally entered recruiting when "smiling and dialing" was the norm for new business and candidate generation...
Bria Morris
Burlington, NC
Customer Service Healthcare Legal +2 more
Bria Morris is a recruiter from Burlington, North Carolina, United States. Bria specializes in the following sectors: Customer Service, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing and Logistics.
Jennifer Lower
Greenville, MI
Accounting Engineering General Business +7 more
Hi I'm Jennifer a Human Resource Professional compliant in all functions of HR, including recruitment, employment law policies and procedures, workforce...
Mary Beth Monzingo Link, CPC
Nationwide Legal Recruiter
Fort Myers, FL
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
Mary Beth Monzingo Link, CPC is the driving force behind Monzingo Legal. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in the legal industry, her background...
Rebecca Maha
President and Recruiter
Poth, TX
Accounting Education Finance +5 more
I am the founder and President of BRM Staffing based out of San Antonio, Texas. My team recruits for all industries throughout Texas and specialize in...
David May
Florissant, CO
Analyst Consulting Information Technology +7 more
I am a United States Air Force, honorably discharged veteran. My team has 20 plus years of experience working in numerous sectors, including Legal, Pharmaceutic,...
Jimmy Hernandez
Business Analyst-Recruiter
Visalia, CA
Advertising / Marketing Analyst Business Development +7 more
Hello, My name is Jimmy Hernandez. I've been recruiting for 5 years now across multiple business domains including healthcare, IT, retail, and legal...
Monique Davis
Fairburn, GA
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
About Me: Transformative, visionary leader able to empower and lead diverse talent acquisition teams to success. A proven track record in the areas of...
MaryAnn Genovese
Chief Talent Officer
Fernandina Beach, FL
Accounting Engineering Finance +7 more
Edgecumbe Group provides our passive candidates with anonymity, guidance, and representation of quality companies. We provide our clients with a qualified...
Joshua Cossey
President and Co-founder
Jacksonville, FL
Healthcare Legal Project Management +5 more
President of Pulse Clinical Alliance, LLC, (PCA) merging clinical training, information technology, and compliance resources into one seamless consultancy....
Jude Johnson
Dublin, CA
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
I am an active CPA/ Recruiter in the Bay Area that has been on both sides of the employment spectrum; I understand what both hiring managers and candidates...
Montique Palmer
HR Coordinator
Hanahan, SC
Accounting Customer Service General Business +7 more
With more than 10 years’ experience in Human Resources, I am adept in on-boarding, I-9 verifications, employee relations, training & development, auditing,...
Ronnie Ricci
San Diego, CA
Engineering Healthcare Human Resources +3 more
Ronnie started her recruiting career at an agency where she quickly established herself as the top biller month after month. After leaving agency staffing,...
Matthew Jack
President COO
Newark, DE
Analyst Business Development Consulting +5 more
Matthew Jack is a recruiter from Newark, Delaware, United States. Matthew specializes in the following sectors: Analyst, Business Development, Consulting, Information Technology, Legal, Executive, Training and Security...
Nathalye Estruch
Financial agent
Miami, FL
Analyst Business Development Customer Service +7 more
Hello guys my name is Nathalye Estruch I am a financial advisor and agent and I am looking for the most outstanding people to join me in my business our...
Wendy Schoen
New York City, NY
Legal I'm not your average legal recruiter... On top of that, many people along the way have stated that I've gone about...
Arzu Jamilova
Talent Consultant
Bellevue, WA
Accounting Administrative Advertising / Marketing +7 more
- Freelance recruiter with more than 15 years of experience in professional staffing - 5 years of search firm recruiting experience with strong working...
kimberlee John
Managing Partner
Concord, CA
Engineering Information Technology Product Management +2 more
Proud owner of DataFlex Recruitment Services, LLC. Recruitment of top talent for Sales, Business Development, IT, Engineering, Marketing and Product Development...

What Does a Legal Recruiter Do? 

These recruiters have experience working in the legal industry, and they can do everything that a generalist recruiter would do. The legal recruitment process is similar to a standard procedure, but minor differences exist. These recruiters have the insights and know where to source legal candidates, how to screen them, and what to look for to find the best candidate. They can fill all positions, ranging from a specialized lawyer to a legal secretary. 

With this industry knowledge, our recruiters know how to make a connection with applicants to increase their chance of successfully recruiting a candidate. If a recruiter doesn't have the experience or knowledge about the legal industry, then they may not be able to provide as great of a candidate experience. In a difficult legal market, candidate experience could be one of the deciding factors for candidates. 

A legal recruiter can handle all of a generalist recruiter's roles. They can post new legal jobs on different niche job boards. They'll also maintain a pipeline of candidates, host interviews, and refer the final interviewees to hiring managers. Once the company employs a candidate, the recruiter will also negotiate the acceptance offer. 

Benefits of Hiring Legal Recruiters

Legal recruiters will identify legal talent quickly and easily. With the experience and knowledge, they can take care of every aspect of the hiring process so that you can focus your energy on growing your business. Your recruiters will help you build a team that you can rely on to bring more success to your business. 

Efficient Hiring Process

Legal recruiting in a competitive market can present new challenges, but having an efficient hiring process can solve some of those issues. When top talent is hard to find, having a recruiter who knows the industry inside and out can benefit your business. 

These legal recruiters can connect you with talent faster than general search firms would be able to do. They have relationships with candidates that might take you years to curate. When your recruiter has a relationship with a candidate, it becomes easier to transform them from an applicant to an employee. 

Having an efficient hiring process also saves on your hiring costs. You won't have to spend money on sourcing a candidate or then choosing the wrong type of candidate for your team. 

Identify the Most Qualified Candidates

Any recruiter can post a job opening on a job board and wait for the right candidate to apply. However, the right candidate may not even see the job opening. This only attracts active job seekers, but some of the best talent could also be passive candidates. A legal recruiter will have a carefully-curated pool of talent that they can pull from to fill your open roles. If that candidate isn't in that pool, they will have the connections to find the ideal hire for your business.

Our recruiters can also identify which qualifications and skills will make a candidate the perfect fit for the job. They will stay up-to-date with the latest trends while knowing what skills to evaluate. When you have a recruiter who can identify the best candidates, you're more likely to hire someone successful. 

Industry Knowledge

As the government writes new laws and regulations, the legal industry is constantly changing. As the demand for legal professionals and services grows, the demand will become more competitive. 

Many law firms struggle to keep up with the demanding market, but a legal recruiter knows the candidate's priorities. When a recruiter has insights into the candidate's priorities, it'll be easier to have a candidate accept a job offer. 

How to Choose a Legal Recruiter

You won't be able to use any of these benefits unless you choose the right legal recruiter. Ensure that you find a human resources professional who has experience working with a business that is similar to yours.

Our legal recruiters have worked for different companies in many legal sectors. They have the experience to identify the perfect candidate for a lawyer at a small law firm in San Francisco, find in-house counsel for local firms, or run an attorney search for a large New York company. 

Regardless of what position you're hiring for, our recruiters ensure that they place the most skilled legal professionals at your company. They want to make sure that you're satisfied with your new hires, and they will help integrate them into your company culture and team. 

Contact us today if you're ready to partner with a company specializing in legal recruiters!