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Sr. Technical Recruiter

Hyderabad, State of Andhra Pradesh, India


Chennai, State of Tamil Nadu, India

Having overall of 8years exp and I have 5yrs of recruiting experience.

Global Recruiter/Independent Recruiter

Ahmadabad, State of Gujarat, India

I have been working professionally as an Independent recruiter/consultant for Big IT firms/pharma companies/ software /marketing companies. working for them for the end-end recruitment process.I am very much focused on result-oriented recruitment .that will build with the mission and vision of the firm


Sales / Business Development

Mumbai, State of Maharashtra, India

Amrita Bordoloi

Automation Testing Engineer

State of Assam, India

Kaushik viswanathan

Purchase Executive

Bengalore, State of Karnataka, India

Pramod kumar

Sales Executive

Delhi, NCT, India



Kalyan, State of Maharashtra, India

Syam Yejarla

Senior IT Recruiter

Hyderabad, State of Andhra Pradesh, India

mike william

information tech.

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

H satish


Hyderabad, State of Andhra Pradesh, India

Manisha V


Madurai, State of Tamil Nadu, India

Manisha is a founder of her own business - Sha & Ran Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. where she provides her services like recruitment, personal and professional development, and creative content. Manisha realised that she had curiosity to learn mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Her true calling being attaining wisdom, she found through her mentor that higher-consciousness healing is her life purpose . Her quest to learn more did not let her rest, so she started learning whatever resonated and soon she became a transformation coach, soul searching facilitator, higher- consciousness healer and flower healer. As a coach, Manisha never ceases to explore physical, mental and spiritual growth in her and others. Career growth, deep relationships, parenting, stress, anxiety and healthy life are the aspects which she deals with. As a Business Coach: She helps businesses grow by using psychological techniques and frameworks. Her unique and powerful strategies like NLP, CBT, Part of being technique and mindfulness help businesses synchronize their employee's core to that of the business's which makes sure to increase the productivity in business thereby increasing profitability and growth. As a Coach in Educational Sector: Educational sector is one major sector which deals with manifesting a young individual to a higher potential. When the people like teachers and professors who play a significant role in this sector are upskilled and made to realise their core by unique yet powerful experiential frameworks, they serve the community with total grace and ease. As a Soul Searching Facilitator: She trusts the power of dreams and supports others in aligning themselves with their life purposes. Children being her favourite group to work on, she helps find their strengths and she allows each child to exhibit their core nature and there by she puts efforts to modify and strengthen various aspects in kids without disturbing their core. Adolescence is the phase where a child goes through physical, harmonal and psychological changes. 12-13 is the age when a child starts to question - who I am? Why am I been brought into this world? What is my purpose? When guided and given right direction to children at this age, they pick up the right path and joyfully enter into their purpose in life unlike others who suffer throughout their life by learning what they don’t resonate to and by being in a job which they never resonate to which bring chaos in mind and life. Manisha also takes cases one on one where her clients need dedicated time to heal various aspects of their life.

seshadri v


Kanchipuram, State of Tamil Nadu, India

Raul Mathew


Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India

rajdeep pandey


Pune, State of Maharashtra, India

Vikram Kumar

Business Analyst

Rajpura, State of Punjab, India

Venkataraman Ramamoorthy


Chennai, State of Tamil Nadu, India

Alphonsus Mailady


Yashodham, State of Maharashtra, India

Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava


State of Maharashtra, India

Ashish Singh


Mira Road, State of Maharashtra, India