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Are you looking for manufacturing recruiters? At, we offer a massive network of specialized recruiters to help you place candidates in manufacturing positions, like plant managers, supply chain managers, industrial painters, operations managers, mechanical engineers, or production line operations supervisors. Our talented recruiters have years of experience recruiting in the manufacturing industry, and they will find the best talent for your company.

Lorretta Black
Athens, AL
Accounting Business Development Distribution +7 more
Lorretta Black is a recruiter from Athens, Alabama, United States. Lorretta specializes in the following sectors: Accounting, Business Development, Distribution, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Production, Scientific,...
Rohit Nair
Team Manager
San Francisco, CA
Accounting Business Development Customer Service +7 more
Strongly dedicated and resourceful US & Domestic Talent Acquisition Specialist with an excellent record of identifying and placing superior job candidates....
Daniel Nelson
Denver, CO
Business Development Engineering General Business +7 more
I have extensive experience working and hiring in the skilled trades, engineering, and energy industries. I feel my experience actually working in these...
Jamie Reeves
Independent Recruiting Consultant
Fenton, MO
Accounting Administrative Engineering +7 more
Finding quality talent is our specialty! Making the hiring process more cost effective and less time consuming is our focus. Connecting employers with...
Emily Walsh
Senior Technical Recruiter
Pocatello, ID
Business Development Consulting Engineering +7 more
20 years of proven full-cycle talent acquisition experience. Thousands of placements in two major industry segments (technology & life sciences). Special...
Evelin Marte
Charlotte, NC
Accounting Administrative Distribution +7 more
As a recruiter for over 10 years, I have been responsible for working closely with managers in the development, operations, Supply Chain, Accounting and...
Logan Kinney
Independent Recruiter
Ogdensburg, NY
Analyst Engineering Manufacturing +7 more
Certified Staffing Professional with extensive full-cycle recruiting experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical research, and...
John Palcisko
North Ridgeville, OH
Accounting Engineering Manufacturing +7 more
Recruiting high performing talent has never been as complex and challenging as it is in today’s job market. Even with technology, it’s just...
Narendra Babu
Recruitment Manager
Dallas, TX
Accounting Customer Service Engineering +7 more
I have over 12+ years working with Direct Clients and VMS/MSP background. I have extensive experience conducting passive and pro-active searches using...
Rhea Maben
Technical Recruiter
Cleveland, OH
Analyst Engineering Healthcare +7 more
Rhea Maben is a recruiter from Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Rhea specializes in the following sectors: Analyst, Engineering, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Project Management, Quality...
Antoinette Caldwell
Raleigh, NC
Engineering Manufacturing Project Management +3 more
Antoinette Caldwell is a recruiter from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. Antoinette specializes in the following sectors: Engineering, Manufacturing, Project Management, Sales, Scientific and Construction.
Kimberly Holt
Independent Recruiter
Jacksonville, TX
Healthcare Information Technology Manufacturing +5 more
My passion for recruiting stems from over 20 years of professional resume writing. I have written nearly 4000 winning resumes, not including corporate...
Jerian Cardinoza
Associate Recruiter
Milwaukee, WI
Administrative Human Resources Manufacturing +7 more
I have the passion for helping people discover new and great opportunities..
John Barnyk
Cranberry, PA
Engineering General Business Information Technology +3 more
Started TITAN with a business partner in 2002. We are a national engineering and IT staffing and recruiting company. We find qualified employees for...
Chris May
Adams, MA
Accounting Business Development Consulting +7 more
Chris is an innovative business professional that has developed and executed marketing campaigns for diverse businesses. He has has a successful track...
Julie Ann Katz
San Diego, CA
Education Engineering Finance +7 more
Hi! I'm a 17+ corporate HR professional and a Small Business, Women Owner. I offer a unique service for job seekers and companies alike. I'm...
Michael Marty
Executive Recruiter
Huntsville, AL
Accounting Engineering Finance +7 more
Because of my 16 years in corporate HR I believe I am uniquely positioned to serve the many HR professionals that are tasked with, along with many other...
Deanna Gray-Estes
Recruiter Support-Assistant
Springfield, MO
Accounting Engineering Human Resources +7 more
Founded in 1985, J. Miles Personnel specializes in national search and placement for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical device, and Insurance...
Becky Bessinger
Sourcing Analyst
Austin, TX
Becky Bessinger is a recruiter from Austin, Texas, United States.
keith pataluna
Executive Recruiter
Louisville, KY
Engineering Healthcare Manufacturing +7 more
I focus on recruiting top talent for desirable Home Building, Architecture and Construction companies. Robert Hess Search Group is a Professional Search...
Roger Bakken
Naperville, IL
Business Development Information Technology Manufacturing +7 more
J.Rodgers & Associates, Inc. is a boutique style talent acquisition firm. Our searches are limited to ExecutiveTalent, Sales Management, Sales Professionals,...

What Does a Manufacturing Recruiter Do?

Our recruiters can find manufacturing talent, and this type of recruiter will manage all of the tasks that a standard recruiter would handle. The manufacturing hiring process is similar to any other process, but there are a few differences. 

For example, a top manufacturing recruiting firm will have the industry insights to know where to source top talent. They will also know what to look for in candidates and how to have an informative interview with them. Our recruiters can help you build the best manufacturing team for your business. 

With a specialization in a challenging industry, these talent acquisition leaders will give your company a much-needed competitive edge in the race for talent. The recruiters will build valuable relationships with the best manufacturing professionals to recruit those candidates successfully. If you hire a non-specialized recruiter, they may not have enough knowledge of the industry to evaluate if a candidate will be a good fit for the role. They may also not be able to provide as great of a candidate experience if they don't understand the industry language.  

Advantages of Hiring Manufacturing Recruiters

The recruiters at will find the best professionals in the manufacturing sector. Their knowledge will help them streamline every stage of the recruiting process. This will help you save on hiring costs while also focusing on expanding your business. 

For example, if you need to do a manufacturing executive search, you might have luck if you hire an executive search firm. However, it might be better to have a specialized recruiter who knows the industry and can recommend the perfect candidate.

Efficient Hiring Process

Hiring the most qualified candidates in a competitive candidate market will be challenging for any recruiter who doesn't know the industry inside and out. Thankfully, the right recruiter will help you tackle any obstacles in the way. 

This can create an efficient hiring process that will reduce your hiring costs. In a job market where manufacturing companies are struggling to attract the best talent, having an efficient hiring process can help offset the cost of hiring. You'll get access to better candidates quicker, and you'll also increase your chances of choosing the right candidate the first time. 

These recruiters also have carefully curated pools of manufacturing talent. When you hire a recruiter, you may find that your dream candidate was in their candidate pool.

Identify Qualified Candidates

Anyone can post an opening on a job board and wait for the perfect resume. However, the right applicant may not even find the opening and know to apply for it. This strategy will only attract passive candidates, but the best person for the job might already have a job and isn’t looking for new opportunities. 

However, these talented recruiters will know how to reach out to those passive candidates and recruit the best one for your company. 

The recruiters will also know what qualifications and skillsets to screen for. With these recruiters on your team, you'll have a better chance of finding a successful employee. 

Industry Knowledge

COVID-19 changed the manufacturing industry, and it's constantly changing. The qualifications that a candidate will need to have to be successful in a position are also evolving. As supply chain problems arise, the demand for these professionals will make the market even more competitive. 

Even the best business is struggling to identify candidates, but picking a recruiter who has their finger on the pulse of the industry will ensure that your business doesn't get left behind with no talent to help it move forward.  

How to Hire a Manufacturing Recruiter

If you want your business to enjoy all those benefits, you'll have to hire the best manufacturing recruiters. Find someone who has experience recruiting for a company similar to yours. 

Thankfully, our recruiters have a vast range of experience, so you’ll be able to find the right one for your business. Our recruiters can help you hire a manufacturing executive for a large manufacturing business or a team for a plant management company. 

Our recruiters will provide the best talent for your company for whatever type of position you're recruiting for. Contact us today to find a recruiter that will be best for your business.