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Alice Donosa

Senior Recruiter

Bucharest, Municipiul Bucuresti, Romania

I have a good knowledge of how a healthy business should be built, with focus on Human Resources hands-on experience, that believes in the value and importance of the people experience within organizations whether they be clients, candidates or employees. Passionate about self-discovery, learning and development I have had many opportunities to train or counsel students, candidates, employees, and managers either one-on-one or in a formal classroom setting on a wide variety of topics like Career Counselling, Recruiting Strategy, Attitude during the recruitment process, On-boarding and retention strategies, etc. In my opinion, work should be meaningful, fun and engaging. In another train of thought, I am a recruiter passionate for searching and selecting talents among various industries for Mid-Management and Executive roles. My focus is on working with departments such as Marketing, Sales, IT, HR, Operations, Administrative from research & mapping to the end-to-end recruitment process. My Mission: to guide individuals and organizations to find the best matches for their company and career