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Managing Director / Executive Recruiter

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Hello! Providing excellent service and making a positive difference in the lives of others are among my top priorities. I have a broad range of work experience and am passionate about recruiting and talent acquisition!


Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States

Senior Recruiter

Hopewell, Virginia, United States

Dedicated and organized senior recruiter. Familiar conducting interviews with multiple candidates to identify the one with the most potential. Hold 10 years of experience in business administration, management and human resources. Excellent communication abilities, including written and oral, professional and interpersonal. Developed evaluation, critical thinking, active listening, and decision-making skills as well as a strong attention to small details. Highly organized and familiar completing several complicated administrative tasks simultaneously. I review all applications, reading carefully and evaluating presented qualifications. Contact applicants with the highest potential to schedule in-person interviews. Perform interviews carefully and intentionally, asking in-depth questions and listening to the answers carefully while taking details notes. Create a report of the highest qualified and most talented candidates to be presented to the hiring manager. Contact new recruits, explain work technicalities, and guide them through the required paperwork. Ensure new recruits enter into proper training successfully and all questions are answered correctly. Maintain new recruit success rating above 95 percent.


Rosenberg, Texas, United States

Recruitment Specialist

Holly Ridge, North Carolina, United States
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I am a highly-motivated Recruitment Specialist looking to utilize my knowledge and experience for a successful lifetime career. I have a passion for the staffing/recruiting industry, helping others and delivering the best experience possible. I am confident that my years of experience in sourcing, managing large pools of applicants, leadership, strong communication skills, all contribute to my confidence and passion for the industry to be one of the best recruiters of today.


Hiram, Georgia, United States

Independent Job Recruiter

East Meadow, New York, United States

Managing Director

Trabuco Canyon, California, United States

Recruitment Director

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

Professional Placements of St. Louis (PPSTL) is a recruiting firm that recruits talented individuals for top companies across industries such as Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, HR, Law, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology, etc.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Hello, my name is Heather Townsend, I am Business Administration graduate. Currently, I am the founder and CEO of YYAnne Virtual Desktop Services that started in May 2017. The company started out work-at-home recruiting/staffing agency, but transformed to a traditional staffing / recruiting agency in July. I have worked with different a various group of candidate in various job concentration. I have strong research skills, teaching skills, easy -going and very organized on task. I come in contact with people who have great skills but has not found their calling, which my job is to match those skills to a position and company. My aim is provide quality recruiting service to both employer and employee. What sets me apart from others is I am able to provide multiple employment services to accommodate my clients. I can easily contacted 24-hours, I put myself forward to work for my clients and employee. My drive is to provide quality recruiting service to the public, which I back behind my mission.

CEO Head Recruiter

Stafford, Virginia, United States


Pismo Beach, California, United States

Judith Cohen, SHRM-CP / PHR -- Founder & President of SearchBright, a Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, HRM Consulting firm for start-up to established companies across the United States.


Ithaca, New York, United States

As a Partner at Griffin Recruiters, I orchestrate premium talent placements for a variety of organizations by striving to make the best possible connections between client companies and excellent candidates. My approach is to be a genuine partner through active listening and thinking outside the box -- there is nothing worse than a pushy recruiter who thinks they know it all! If you are a talent acquisition professional or hiring manager looking for someone exceptional, or you are a strong candidate who wants to take your career to the next level, my professional services consistently exceed expectations.