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Are you looking for a technical recruiter? has an expansive network of recruiters ready to help you place candidates in positions like software developers, data scientists, artificial intelligence (AI) engineers, cloud architects, full-stack developers, IT managers, and computer system administrators. Our talented recruiters have plenty of experience in the tech industry, and they can aid your company in finding the most qualified talent. If your business has struggled to recruit or find the best talent, our recruiters will help you locate and hire the right technical talent.

Nakesha Shank
Independent Contactor
Trussville, AL
Information Technology
Our company's main goal is to find the right candidate to fill an open role that's listed on our website. We take the time out with each and...
Redondo Beach, CA
Information Technology Project Management
Recruiting for expert and mid-top management positions in IT and Cannabis industry. Manage recruitment process automation projects.
John Garcia
Recruiting Manager
Pompano Beach, FL
Consulting Information Technology Product Management +3 more
John Garcia is a recruiter from Pompano Beach, Florida, United States. John specializes in the following sectors: Consulting, Information Technology, Product Management, Analytics, Statistics and Product Development.
Ivonne Manning
Recruiter from Manning Staffing Agency
Atlanta, GA
Healthcare Human Resources Psychology
My name is Ivonne Manning, Senior Recruiter for Manning Staffing Agency. Through my firm, I help to place candidates in well paying positions at companies...
Rajesh Bonu
Sr. Technical Recruiter
Lewes, DE
Government Administration
Experienced Senior Technical Recruiter with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry. Skilled in Oracle Database, Sales,...
A’Marissa Newton
Recruiting Manager
Smyrna, GA
Administrative Healthcare Information Technology
I am eager to join teams that are innovative and lead with building valuable relationships. I am a strategic, forward thinking recruiter with more than...
Shahbaz Rana
Technical Recruiter
Jersey City, NJ
Accounting Advertising / Marketing Information Technology +7 more
❖ Having 3 years of technical recruiting experience for US staffing. ❖ Expertise in hiring professionals for permanent and contract positions. ❖...
Dan Larson
Tech Recruiter
Minnetonka, MN
Advertising / Marketing Consulting Customer Service +7 more
8+ years of talent sourcing and technical recruiting experience.
Senior Recruiting Consultant
Chantilly, VA
Information Technology Project Management Security
I am a high energy, results driven Recruiting expert that help companies find top notch talent that meet the requirements and salary. I have over 20 years...
Washington, D. C., DC
Accounting Engineering Finance +7 more
Hi, I am a recruiter with over 7 years of experience. My specializations are in technical recruiting.
Paul Trost
Diamondhead, MS
Manufacturing Production Project Management +7 more
A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) candidate with over 20 years of experience specializing in quality engineering management, operations, budgeting,...
Genevieve Ball
Sr. Technical Recruiter
Simi Valley, CA
Business Development Engineering Information Technology +7 more
Hello! My name is Genevieve and I'm the Founder and Principal Recruiter at GoSeek Recruiting. I'm an entrepreneur, tech recruiter, equestrian,...
Gregory Tucker
Innovative Recruiter
Hemet, CA
Advertising / Marketing Analyst Finance +7 more
You will find me to be communicative, energetic, confident, and personable, the type of person on whom you can rely on to assist in your next career and...
Michele Morrison
Managing Director and Recruiter
Scottsdale, AZ
Advertising / Marketing Business Development Engineering +7 more
Managing Director and Executive Recruiter with expertise in technology, education and emerging companies. Locator of highly specialized, top performing...
Steve Littler
Sourcer Recruiter
Wilmington, DE
Engineering Information Technology Manufacturing +2 more
Finding professionals for you is my game
Rebekah Disser
Okatie, SC
Business Development Engineering Manufacturing +7 more
A passionate business development veteran, I discovered a love of connecting people with opportunities was a natural extension of my outgoing personality,...
Aaron Temple
Salt Lake City, UT
Accounting Advertising / Marketing Engineering +7 more
Areas of TSP Search and Recruitment Specialty: Technical, Accounting / Finance, Construction / Manufacturing, Executive. It's almost Summer and...
Jacob Khait
Sr. Technical Recruiter
Woodbridge, NJ
Analyst Business Development Consulting +7 more
♦ Dynamic, qualified, and highly ethical Recruiter/Staffing Specialist with extensive experience recruiting high-caliber professionals in the IT,...
kelli frazier
Greenville, SC
TRS Staffing - Recruitment
Kevin Rogers
Managing Partner
Tacoma, WA
Accounting Engineering Finance +7 more
KVR Consultant is a Executive and Technical Search Firm that is designed to help employers find the right candidate for their company. With our background...
Parthasarathi Lakshmanan
US IT Recruiter
Irving, TX
Engineering Finance Information Technology +4 more
Parthasarathi Lakshmanan is a recruiter from Irving, Texas, United States. Parthasarathi specializes in the following sectors: Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Product Management, Project Management, Quality...

What Are Technical Recruiter Duties?

A technical recruiter has experience acquiring technical professionals, and this specialized type of recruiter can carry out all the tasks that a generalist recruiter would generally handle. The technical recruiting process follows the same stages as a general one. Still, a specialized recruiter will have insights and technical knowledge to help them source suitable candidates, screen, and interview them. They can help you build the perfect technical team filled with top candidates. 

With a specialized focus in technical recruiting, you'll have a competitive advantage over your competitors. These recruiters know how to build a relationship with these candidates and increase the chance of successfully recruiting those candidates. If you choose a general recruiter, they may not have the expertise to provide a great candidate experience. In a competitive market, these technical skills are essential.

The technical recruiter's job is to write job descriptions, post them, host job fairs, pull candidates from their talent pool, handle the screening process, and facilitate interviews. If they find a candidate that your hiring managers and business would like to hire, they'll handle the job offer acceptance process.

Benefits of Hiring a Technical Recruiter's tech recruiters can find the best technical talent efficiently and quickly due to their experience in the industry. This knowledge will allow them to manage every stage in the technical recruitment process so that you can spend your efforts and time on growing your business. You can also trust that these recruiters can build the best team to help you expand your business. 

Streamlined Hiring Process

Finding the best technical talent in a competitive market can challenge an inexperienced recruiter. Thankfully, hiring the right technical recruiter will help you overcome those obstacles. Having a recruiter who knows the industry well can help you fill some of those open positions. 

Our recruiters will connect you with the best candidates quicker than a standard recruiter would be able to. These recruiters have already curated relationships with different candidates, and they can easily place one of these candidates into one of your open positions. It could take years for a different recruiter to build this candidate pool, but you'll gain instant access to their relationships and connections when you contract one of these recruiters. 

In addition, a streamlined hiring process can lower your hiring costs. When companies struggle to retain employees, reducing your hiring costs could help save your business's budget. You'll be able to save money and time by getting quicker access to qualified candidates. Having a specialized recruiter screen candidates can also lower the risk of picking the wrong candidate. 

Our recruiters are also unique because you can hire them by the month. You don't have to pay them a full technical recruiter salary. Instead, you can pay them for however long you need them to fill open positions. 

Identify Suitable Candidates

Any talent acquisition professional or hiring manager can post a job description and wait for the perfect person to apply. However, the ideal person may not even be able to find the job descriptions. This strategy will only attract a specific demographic of candidates, and you could be missing out on a vast talent pool. Hiring a technical recruiter will know where to source the candidates to find the best one for your business. 

Our recruiters can identify the hard and soft skills and qualifications that an excellent technical recruiter will need. These recruiters are constantly learning about the latest trends to know what skills to look for in a candidate. With one of these recruiters on your team, you'll have a better chance of hiring a technical employee successfully. 

Technical Insight

As the technology industry is updating quickly and constantly, the qualifications that a company needs from technical talent are also essential. The demand is also growing for technical talent, and this demand is creating a challenging market for candidates. 

Many businesses are struggling to find the most qualified candidates, but hiring one of the technical recruiters will ensure that your business doesn't fall behind. 

How to Contract a Technical Recruiter

Before you can reap all of these benefits, you need to choose the right technical recruiter. The first step you'll need to manage is finding someone who has experience recruiting for a company similar to yours. 

Our recruiters have extensive knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect candidates. Our recruiters can help you hire a team for your software engineering department for your Fortune 500 company, or they can help you fill technical jobs for your startup. 

Regardless of what position you need to fill, our recruiters will ensure that they place the best technical talent at your company. If you're ready to partner with our recruiters, contact us today!