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Charity Njue

International Recruiter

Dagoretti, Nairobi Area, Kenya

Charity has over 10 years of experience in recruitment and talent management. Her focus has always been understanding organization goals and finding the ideal talent to assist achieve those goals. Her skills on HR Planning, Leadership, Psychology, Information Technology and Business Partnership have helped her provide the ideal candidates to different organizations. Also, the ability to find a balance of the organizations' goals and those of the candidates have contributed to her success recruiter and business partner to many. Prior to becoming a business consultant, Charity worked inside organizations championing HR strategies at the executive level. Her accomplishments resulted in practical cost-effective HR programs that improved business results and contributed to two organizations being ranked in the top ten companies in their various industries. Charity has now dedicated her time to assisting other organizations in improving their talent experience by finding candidates that are focused on increasing productivity and engagement of their workforce. Her goal is to help clients receive just what they need, when they need it, in a manner that provides sustainable value.

Mwathi Kitonga

Human Resources Officer

Embakasi, Nairobi Area, Kenya