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Rewiring over Rice Noodles

A few years ago, I was unemployed and spent my Thursday afternoons getting advice from a social worker.  Although I really appreciated this therapist's insight, the process was exhausting. After every session, I would visit a nearby Vietnamese restaurant and order my favorite dish.  The restaurant served pho, a delicious soup made with rice noodles, chili peppers, mock duck, and garlic.  It...

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More Talent Management Technology Consolidation

Talent management technology and recruiting software is a niche, but highly lucrative industry. Yesterday, there was further consolidation in the recruiting software industry. Taleo Corporation, the largest talent management technology company with a market cap of 1.2 billion, announced that it will acquire recruiting software provider Cytiva for $11 million Canadian dollars. The stock market...

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Twitter Recruiting Hacks

Recruiters tend to get Linkedin. It closely resembles a job board and it's easy enough to do advanced searches. Facebook recruiting is pretty obtuse and so far, recruiting on Facebook is more for leveraging your personal connections or perhaps building up a fun corporate fan page. But Twitter for recruiting? The topic couldn't be talked about more, but do many recruiters really use Twitter...

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Employers Ruminate on Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Although every company wants great employees, they may waffle at the benefits of paying for the costs of recruitment.  As an agency recruiter, you may find it helpful to be able to think like these employers and contemplate some of the issues that they face. As a corporate recruiter, it is now part of your job to spread talent management best practices across your company to every level. What...

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How Much Do Jobs Cost?

During the last Presidential Election, debate focused for awhile on Joe the Plumber.  Although the persona of this figure quickly became symbolic of something larger than life, this interlocutor into the election raised for many Americans what it means to create jobs. What exactly does it mean to create a job?  Many of us do not know the full extent of the commitment that goes into the...

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Recruiting the Left and Right Brains

"..Both the left and the right hemisphere may be conscious simultaneously in different, even in mutually conflicting, mental experiences that run along in parallel"—Dr.Roger Wolcott Sperry, 1981 Nobel Laureate and pioneer in split-brain research Whenever you recruit someone, pop psychology and some interpretations of some serious research, such as Dr. Roger Perry's pioneering...

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Affordable Care Act Struck Down

In the midst of trying to boost the U.S. economy, people's lives continue.  Diseases mount.  Babies are born.  Diagnoses are made. Although much focus is being placed on the generation of new jobs, the Labor Movement continues to advocate for workers on issues that concern their daily lives. How often do recruiters face questions from employers and job candidates about health care? ...

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Recruitment Lessons from a Missile Launch

"I'm not the man they think I am at home...Oh no no no I'm a rocket man..."—Elton John, "Rocket Man" There is an ongoing debate between those who argue for/against the usefulness or necessity of in-person interviews—some maintaining that such interviews are an anachronism, a throw-back to the 70s, back where and when they should have been left. Given that wrangling, it is worthwhile to...

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Monster Recovering after Sell-Off

On Friday of last week, the stock of Monster Worldwide (MWW), parent company of the popular job board, dropped at one point over 25%. Monster shares closed at $15.95 on Friday, which is approximately where it stood as of a year ago. A combination of a small miss, slight loss for the year, and weaker 2011 estimates caused investors to sell. Interestingly, Monster has forecast top line growth of...

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